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Video Contest: What is Your Core Value?

By: BNI Staff
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BNI® is excited to announce a video contest that will take place through May 19, 2017. All current BNI members are encouraged to participate.

How does your BNI story related to one of our seven Core Values? Have any of the values changed your professional and personal life? We want to hear what our Core Values mean to you! 

Select one of the seven Core Values (Givers Gain®, Building Relationships, Traditions + Innovation, Lifelong Learning, Recognition, Positive Attitude or Accountability) and share with us what it means to you and how it has impacted your life, your BNI journey, or your business.


All submissions must:

  • Be NO LONGER than two minutes.
  • State in the beginning of the video your name, location (city, state/province, country), Chapter name and the Core Value that you plan to feature.
  • Be received by 11:59 pm ET (U.S.) on Friday, May 19, 2017 to be considered.
  • Be a spoken testimonial focused on what one of our seven Core Values means to you and have impacted your professional or personal life.
  • Include a signed Photo Release Consent Form (downloadable here).
  • (For languages other than English) provide a written translation of the video into English, or include English subtitles in the video.


A winner will be selected in each of the seven Core Value categories. Winners will be featured in upcoming email communications and on in the Video Testimonial section.


Videos will be judged based on compelling storyline, story-telling ability, and quality of audio/video.

Winners will be notified by May 31, 2017.

How to Submit:

We want your video to be the best quality it can be. Before filming, check out this guideline for capturing the perfect footage.

Please complete the Photo Release Consent Form (available here) and upload it with your video submission here.

If you have any questions or issues with submitting your video, please contact

By submitting a video, the content becomes property of BNI, and according to the Photo Release Consent Form, may be used in BNI Marketing initiatives.