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This Member Success Story was submitted by Clara Overes, Member and Director Consultant from the Energiek chapter in BNI Netherlands.

In 2014, I attended BNI’s Global Convention. During a session led by Jannet Attwood I was challenged to write down a goal for my business. I wrote down: “I will deliver Passion Test workshops in Dubai.” It took some time, but five years later that dream became a reality through BNI. 

My company, The Passion, is all about helping business owners find their passions so that they can best focus their efforts for personal and professional growth. Research from Gallup in 2017 shows that only 13% of the working people in the world are engaged and happy with their work. I’m hoping to change that by helping professionals work in areas where they’re most passionate. Imagine if 100% of the world was working in areas where they’re truly passionate. The world would be a much better place! 

I’m currently a member of the BNI Global Power Team, the only online chapter where members focus their efforts on growing their businesses internationally. It’s made a world of difference. My weekly 45 second presentation really challenges me to focus on the needs of my business, so I can get the best referrals possible. 

Since 2014’s Global Convention, I’ve asked month after month for contacts in Dubai – no leads. Finally, I had a 1-2-1 with BNI Global Power Team member Dirk Hinze from Lausanne. He introduced me to the Global Director of IDCN (Internationale Dual Career Network) and that was my foot in the door to leading my first workshop in Dubai, just a few short weeks ago – my dream fulfilled! 

Not only that, I was soon connected with an event agency that has agreed to sell my workshops throughout the United Arab Emirates. I’m confident that I’ll continue to host workshops in UAE.

At this point, all my international clients come from BNI – every single one. And it’s not just that. Often the international clients I get through BNI end up leading to more referrals! 

Through the BNI Global Power Team, I’m also working with chapter members to take my workshops online where I can offer virtual Passion Test workshops. This will make my services accessible from anywhere. 

My goal was to host my workshops in UAE but in BNI I’ve gotten so much more – workshops, increased referrals, and a business that’ll be accessible around the world. 

I am very grateful to Dirk Hinze for this powerful introduction to IDCN and to Paola Devescovi for supporting me with the technical delivery of my online pilot. 

The Passion Test is all about connecting people with their passions so that they can better connect with themselves, their friends, their families, and their colleagues. It has the power to change the world. With BNI as a partner and a support system, I’m sure we’ll get there.