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Submitted by Kevin Barber, Chairman of the BNI Foundation Worldwide Inc. & ED BNI Germany South-West

The BNI Foundation has been serving children and education since 1998 because children are the future of the communities in which we live and do business. As adults they will become our customers, staff, suppliers, teachers, doctors, politicians and our neighbors.

I am often asked, “So how does this all fit together – the BNI Foundation, Business Voices, BNI Connect 5, BNI Cares?”

The best way to think of the BNI Foundation is as a movement, a mindset – BNI members, chapters and directors all over the world supporting their local communities where their support is most needed. Not just because they feel sympathy, but to make real long-term positive change.

The BNI Foundation offers two ways to help: The Givers Gain® Grants program and the Business Voices™ Initiative:

The Givers Gain® Grants program is financed through national and international donations. The money is used to fund school grants and other projects that give young people the chance to become better adults.

You can also get involved in your local communities by offering your time and talent through the Business Voices Initiative. For example, you can teach the basic business and networking skills that children will need in the real world!

So, what is BNI Cares? When bad things happen in the world - hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods - BNI members want to come together and help. Hard as it may sound, this is NOT the mission of the BNI Foundation. Equally we know that BNI members look to the Foundation for guidance – so, starting in 2019, we will integrate BNI Cares initiatives into the BNI Foundation’s web presence.

And BNI Connect 5? This is, of course, very close to my heart, but it too is NOT the focus of the BNI Foundation. BNI Connect 5 was born in 2011 to show just how it easy it is to connect BNI entrepreneurs in all corners of the world. As the BNI Foundation supports more and more children across the world, Lawrence Richards and I will make sure “BNI Kids” get connected too!

At BNI we are not only Changing the Way the World Does Business but also Changing the Way Business Sees the World!

Every solid structure needs a strong foundation, and the BNI Foundation can help you support your local community while bringing real benefits to your business.

Thank you for reading!