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More Than a Billion Hungarian Forints Worth of Business – For Others

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by József Ferling, BNI Hungary Communication Director

Several valuable thank you cards are changing hands in BNI Hungary’s chapter meetings. However, Gábor Timár, the director of Poli Computer PC Kft., is the only BNI member who managed to earn more than a billion Hungarian Forint worth of businesses for his partners. 

Gábor Timár, an active member of BNI Hungary for more than seven years, is by now the national director of development of the organization. Recently he reached a memorable milestone as he became the first Hungarian BNI member who received thank you cards worth more than HUF 1 billion (almost 1,3 as of now) from profits resulted by his referrals. The most valuable of these thank you cards worth more than HUF 100 million.

“It’s not just about having quality contacts, but also to pay attention to my fellow members,” says Gábor. “I have had private meetings with all of my group mates and with others as well whom I don’t meet every week. I think that during these private meetings can we really explain to each other why, how and to whom should we refer each other.”

The BNI director takes the “Givers Gain!®” business philosophy very seriously, which is a message the organization intends to introduce and communicate to more and more Hungarian businesspeople. “I really believe in this principle. I do what I do so that people can get better – I have many ways to do this, but BNI is the one who provides the best official platform and working structure for achieving the goal.”

Gábor also said that this milestone means a lot to him. “This is really an amount which can mean something not only within the BNI circles, but in the Hungarian business life as well. I think this fact can help people to take to my advices, since who earned this much business to others has obviously something worthwhile to say. This value makes me credible and confirms the success of my efforts. I am really proud of this achievement!”