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It’s Time For Back to School Supply Drives

By: BNI Staff
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It’s a fact that most teachers today are expected to cover the costs of their classroom needs and to alleviate that need by requiring students to bring some items themselves? Teachers spend between $500 and $1,000 or more out of pocket for school supplies each year. Rarely do schools provide any supplies for teachers.

The Back to School Supply Drive is an annual Business Voices® campaign sponsored by the BNI Foundation. It is open to all groups, regardless of their affiliation with BNI. The Back to School Supply Drive brings businesses together to support our deserving teachers and underserved children.

There are several ways to conduct a Back to School Supply Drive. One way is our Fill My Ride event, which involves bringing your car, or several vehicles, to your local office supply store and requesting donations from BNI members and business professional. Another approach is the Adopt a Teacher approach. This pairs various business owners with one or more teachers to visit a store and purchase needed supplies together. This adds great excitement and is very rewarding for the business owners. Yet another option is the Backpack Drive. Chapters fill backpacks with donated items and distribute them directly to the students.

Details about these and other back to school supply drives, as well as information about starting a Business Voices team, can be found at: