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I Used to Be Good Before BNI

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Towanda Geary, BNI Vermont Ambassador

I remember the good old days! I would take my time getting up in the morning, lazily have my breakfast, maybe fit in a workout and then head into work, taking in the scenery. Upon arrival, I would take my time opening up the place. I was able to do so because I never started before 9 a.m. For lunch, I would just go wherever to grab something to eat and maybe do a little socializing and light networking. Having my assistant taking care of things helped free my time to network. How funny this all sounds to me now!

The day would start and end the same way. All the time. No surprises. I made okay money. Nothing to dance about, but also nothing to cry about. As I went about my days, I knew that there was something missing, but could not put my finger on it. At times it felt like I could do more to improve on the success of my business, but was not sure how to proceed. And then, one day, someone told me about BNI®.

My first impression of BNI was not a positive one. I kept wondering why people would choose to be a part of a business group where they seem to have so much work to do just to keep the group going. I felt I had enough on my plate with my own business. Why waste my time running someone else’s?

When I finally joined a BNI chapter, I felt a connection with my fellow members. People seemed to be genuinely interested in what I do and it was refreshing to be involved with other business owners. Within two weeks, I realized the requirements of membership where not an imposition. It all made sense to me quickly and the importance of keeping my eyes on long term goals was emphasized. I was signing up for the long haul and never regretted it. I now get up in the morning and get going about my work. Done are the days of prioritizing everything but my business. I find excitement at my growing knowledge and success. I get to work and open promptly by 8 a.m. and now have four employees. My business has grown so much that I have started a second business that adds to what I do, bringing even more revenue. Today my networking is a lot more successful and productive with BNI than it ever was at lunch time.

The reasons for no regrets in joining BNI are simple. Through meeting so many different people with such a wide range of knowledge, I have learned that I did not know what I was going all this time. The intricacies of business in all its facets are now part of my everyday dealings for my success. If and when I do not know something, BNI with all its benefits always provides the information I need. I now go through my day with confidence that I can and am doing the right things to increase the potential for my success to its utmost outcomes.

It’s simple. You either go at it alone and become a one man show in the hopes of becoming successful without having enough knowledge, or you take the lead and surround yourself with the people that you know will help bring you wealth and success.

I used to be good at managing my business until I joined BNI. Now I am great.