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From BW BusinessWorld: Our Focus Is On Job Creation

By: BNI Staff
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By Avishek Banerjee, BW BusinessWorld, India

Question: As you are aware, India is known more as a continent than a country with diverse interests and needs. So how different was your strategy to crack this market?

Answer: Yes, I agree that a lot of organisations need to customise their business model when they enter different parts of the world. But one thing which is unique about BNI is that our solutions are universal across the globe. One of the things I love about India is diversity (in tastes and needs).  India is a massive economy and there is tremendous innovation in business growth and entrepreneurship. But I have not seen any need to change the model as we have grown here in India. That is because our model is an open source and works wherever it is supported. We first entered India about 11 years ago and have managed to garner 16,000 businesses here. We are just getting started and it is an exciting phase for us.

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