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By: Daniel Dixon
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An organization’s brand is a representation of how individuals perceive them. It’s the source of the promise that they make with their customers and fundamental to creating a loyal base.

When developing and establishing a brand, it’s vital to understand that it touches the entire customer experience, whether it be a logo or the level of service provided. It creates an emotional response that leaves a lasting impression.

According to BNI Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Ivan Misner, there are some incredible advantages to establishing a successful brand.

  • Branding influences buying decisions.
  • Branding creates new customers.
  • Branding creates loyalty.
  • Branding gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Branding helps grow your business.

When you have a successful and consistent brand identity, you create brand ambassadors. These ambassadors help spread your brand throughout the world. At BNI, we have the benefit of having each of our members act as a direct ambassador. That’s why when we are recognized as a leading example of how to build a successful brand, we attribute it to our members. They are the ones who propel us forward.

Due to their commitment, we’re proud to announce that BNI and Dr. Ivan Misner recently received The Brand Laureate Award at the wonderful 2018 BNI Malaysia Awards Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This award recognizes select organizations that have built a strong brand across Malaysia, and around the world.

A special thanks goes to Ken Phua who nominated BNI for this honor. Ken is a leading figure in ensuring BNI's success throughout Malaysia. Thanks, Ken!

It’s an incredible achievement and we’re proud to be a global leader when it comes to advocating strong and consistent branding across all facets of an organization. We have a great message to share, and we’ve only just begun to share it more broadly. In 2019, we’ll continue to share BNI’s message with the world.

For more information on The Brand Laureate, please visit their website.

How can branding build your chapter? BNI is unique among other organizations, but without a consistent visual identity, we didn’t have the visibility and recognizability of a really great brand.

Individual members and chapters can request BNI logos and other artwork from to use on their websites and display publicly to proclaim their BNI membership.