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The Braidlaw Hero

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Fiona Waddell, Director Consultant of Scotland South and East, BNI UK. This article was submitted on behalf of Graham Gerrard, dubbed the Braidlaw Hero.

Quite often, you will read stories of BNI Members overcoming obstacles and making an incredible impact in the lives of others. Graham Gerrard, a Member and Plasterer from the Braidlaw BNI (Midlothian) Chapter, recently exemplified this and showed how an extraordinary deed can come in any form.

Late in 2018, fellow Member Steph Green informed Graham of a situation and potential referral that involved a young girl with cancer. While in the process of receiving chemotherapy, her mother wanted to give her a small miracle… a completely refurbished bedroom, just in time for Christmas.

Steph, who first saw this request on Facebook, passed along Graham’s information. As soon as Graham met with the family and was made aware of the situation, he immediately agreed to do the job. Despite not knowing the family beforehand, Graham took the time to get to know the little girl so that he could make her dream a reality.

It was a delicate situation, as the room was viewed as a haven by the girl; she adored how two deer often came up to her window, providing a sense of wonder. But Graham was up to the challenge. By agreeing to help this family in need, he gave inspiration to the girl as she fought through a tough bout of chemotherapy.

Despite a busy schedule, Graham began work on the room as soon as possible, during his scheduled day off. He thought of his own children and how he could not bear the disappointment of this child if the room was not ready for her return from hospital. On top of this, Graham displayed an incredibly act of generosity by refusing all payment.

As Graham completed the work, he presented it to a grateful family. He was able to cherish the moment and experience a joyous occasion despite a difficult situation. And while her chemotherapy continued after the completion of the room, she was doing very well.

In the end, this was time well spent as giving this little girl hope was worth more than time or money. To recognize this incredible act of compassion, BNI Braidlaw gave Graham a standing ovation at their next chapter meeting and presented him with a framed ‘BNI Braidlaw Hero award’. A truly wonderful example of Givers Gain.

Thank you, Graham, for inspiring all of us to lead with compassion and humility. You set the standard of what a BNI Member can truly accomplish by embracing community and the power of referrals.