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BNI Core Values Video Contest Winners Announced!

By: BNI Staff
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We are pleased to announce winners for three of the categories in the BNI Core Values Video Contest: Givers Gain, Lifelong Learning and Building Relationships. See who won, who received an honorable mention, and what your opportunities are to be our next winner.

We are still accepting submissions for Traditions + Innovation, Positive Attitude, Accountability and Recognition. Please see here for contest rules and how you can submit your story to be featured on and in future email communications.

Without further adieu, please see below for the winners of Givers Gain, Lifelong Learning and Building Relationships! Thank you to all who entered.

Givers Gain

WINNER - Chris Rosser, BNI Stockhorn

HONORABLE MENTION - Sheldon Sweeney, BNI Capital Business Alliance

Lifelong Learning

WINNER - Bridget Witts-Hewinson, BNI Super Central

HONORABLE MENTION - Michael Wood, BNI Platinum Chapter

Building Relationships

WINNER - James Bonato, BNI Capital Business Alliance

HONORABLE MENTION - Tommy Brown, BNI Super Central