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April 2018 Updates from the BNI Foundation

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BNI Foundation Sets Ambitious Goals for the 2018 National Conference

The BNI Foundation is striving to award additional Givers Gain® Grants in 2018 by attracting more monthly donors. In past years, the BNI Foundation has awarded ten $1,000 Givers Gain® Grants to schools and educational organizations to help fund specific programs. This year’s US National Conference goal is to raise enough funds to be able to double the number of grants awarded from ten to twenty. Here are the details:

  • 20 New Heroes
  • 20 New Super Heroes
  • $20,000 New Direct Donations

With the additional funds, the BNI Foundation will be able to award a total of twenty $1,000 grants to fund much needed educational projects around the world. Grants will be awarded as follows:

  • 5 Grants in June.
  • 5 Grants in October
  • A Special Grant Cycle from Nov 15 to Dec 15th with 10 additional grants

The Heroes program designates those giving $50 a month as Heroes and donors who commit to giving $100 or more every month as Super Heroes. A Hero or Super Hero can be an individual, couple, Chapter, or even a BNI Region

Speed Mentoring at the BNI National Conference

At this year’s BNI National Conference in Las Vegas, the BNI Foundation will once again host a community activity to highlight its work with schools and children. Students from Mission High School in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to participate in speed mentoring sessions with various BNI members and leaders. Each student will talk to several entrepreneurs for a few minutes each and then take part in an open session where they can expand on their conversations, meet more business leaders and get a sense of how business networking operates.

The successful speed mentoring program truly encapsulates the BNI Foundation’s mission to create a conduit between business and education to meet children’s educational needs.

Mission High School opened its door in 2017. It is a school designed for students who are recovering from substance abuse. You can learn more about Mission High School at their website, http://missionhighschool.ccsd.....

A Chance to Win Dinner with the Misners, and More

The BNI Foundation will be holding two raffles at this year's BNI US National Conference in Las Vegas. In the 50/50 raffle, the winner will receive half of the 50/50 Raffle proceeds. The second raffle’s prize is dinner with the BNI Foundation co-founders, Dr. Ivan and Beth Misner.

Please reach into your pockets for a chance to win one of these great prizes, and more importantly, help the BNI Foundation continue its work helping schools and students around the world.

Visit our booth for more information and foundation prizes.

Please stay tuned by visiting our website,, where we will be posting 2018 BNI US National Convention updates.