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Reflections of Leadership: A Recap of BNI Vietnam's Summit

By: BNI Staff
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It's important to highlight the impact of BNI worldwide and how it inspires our leaders to come together in support of our Members. Here's a quick read detailing BNI's Vietnam's Leadership Summit from November 2018. Submitted by Director Consultant, Ali Cong Tran.

With the theme "Raising the Capabilities of the Leaders", BNI Vietnam's Leadership Summit was held in the beautiful city of Dalat, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, during November 28-30, 2018.

Participants included Executive Directors (EDs) as well as Directors and Ambassadors (DnAs) nationwide. This special connection-and-training event brought DnAs the solutions to build and develop chapters, regions and areas. This was done with the help of BNI Vietnam's leaders, who drew inspiration from success stories, lessons, experiences, tools and processes shared at the summit. Topics included "Leadership with Love", "The Leader in You", "Happy Members in a 'Green' Chapter", "Extreme Leadership"... and each topic was enthusiastically received by all participants.

The credibility, connections and understanding among DnAs was apparent, as they proactively built and strengthened their relationships. A flame of enthusiasm was ignited during this summit and, through their concentrated efforts, it will spread throughout BNI Vietnam! 

The "One BNI Vietnam" concept was introduced to summit participants as well. This concept covers the consistent and effective implementation of branding, tools, processes and awards. BNI Vietnam’s Mission for 2019 was determined to be "121270”. This number (121270) translates to:

  • 1 (one) region achieving annual growth with two (2) new chapters.
  • 2 (two) new members join a chapter each month.
  • 70% of members celebrate their "BNI birthdays". In other words, retention rate reaches 70% or higher.

Some other important takeaways included:

  • During the summit, participants played an exciting and meaningful simulation game entitled "Journey to the Jade Mountain". This simulation helped participants enhance their leadership skills.
  • Recognition was given to distinguished EDs and DnAs for their dedicated contribution to the growth of BNI Vietnam over the past few years.
  • The Gala dinner was held in the legendary peak of Langbiang, where the participants enjoyed a performance by the K' Hor ethnic minority people.

Throughout the summit, BNI Vietnam leaders were honored to encourage and support growth among DnAs in the spirit of "Givers Gain". The event ended with a renewed perspective and appreciation from BNI Vietnam’s EDs and DnAs. As participants departed, hugs and smiles were exchanged and appointments were made for BNI Vietnam's 2019 Leadership Summit.

Ali Cong Tran, Director Consultant  

BNI Vietnam, HQ Area