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Weekly Meeting Stimulants, Part One

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by James Vineeth, BNI Dynamic, Coimbatore, India

BNI is a great platform for leaders to emerge and unleash their true potential. We had some amazing meeting stimulants over the last 6 months, and I would love to share them with the rest of the BNI Family.

Share with us your ideas for meeting stimulants, or what happened when you used any of the suggestions below at

  • Just imagine it is the year 2020, and you are attending a meeting of your chapter! What will your Weekly Presentation be? Think of the future of your business. In four years, you will have achieved many milestones. You could even be a celebrity in your field! Share with your chapter what your future presentation will be, so that your fellow members can learn from you what your future will hold.
  • Our first client is always special to us, and will always be something we remember. During your Weekly Presentation this week, share with your chapter who your first client was.
  • The road to being successful isn’t easy. There are great moments to cherish, and tough moments to work through. Every member of your chapter is part of your Dream Team, and are there to stand by you and support you. As part of your weekly presentation, share with your chapter what the greatest challenge you currently face in your business is. Share what referral can help you overcome that challenge.
  • We all love a challenge, don’t we? There have been many times when your prospect has been difficult to convert to client, and when you succeed, you feel on top of the world. Share with your chapter at time when a prospect was particularly difficult to close business with, and how you overcame that struggle.
  • Steve Jobs said, ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish.’ As entrepreneurs in a changing global economy, we are challenged to learn, forget and relearn things to stay on top in business. Behind every great leader, there was a foolish idea that helped them succeed. During your Weekly Presentation, share with the chapter a time you had an idea that was outside the box, possibly even foolish, and it gave you great success.
  • This one takes some planning ahead. Members of the chapter should be told in advance which day to bring a prop. Then, the chapter is to have a prop day. On the selected day, each member should use their prop to help describe their business. Impress your fellow members with products, ideas and creativity