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There’s No Downside to a Larger BNI Chapter

Large BNI Chapter -

When it comes to the size of your BNI Chapter, why not think big? Although smaller Chapters offer a focused networking experience, larger groups provide a range of benefits that lead to enhanced professional growth and profitability. Let’s look at why there are no downsides to growing a larger BNI Chapter.

Increased Referral Opportunities

The most immediate benefit of a larger BNI Chapter is the direct increase in referral opportunities. More Members mean more connections, and more connections lead to more potential referrals. Members of larger Chapters have access to a broader network, increasing their chances of giving — and receiving — more referrals that help everyone thrive.

Broadened Networking Scope

Membership in a larger BNI Chapter offers a wider networking scope. This expanded reach allows for connections with more diverse clients, suppliers, or collaborators, who might not be part of a smaller network. This extended networking realm can enhance business opportunities and foster professional growth. This is why we see a higher rate of referrals and higher dollar values per referral in larger networking groups.

Enhanced Learning and Professional Development Opportunities

A larger BNI Chapter invariably provides a diverse array of perspectives, insights, and experiences. This richness can lead to a greatly enhanced learning environment, with Members sharing their skills and knowledge, opening avenues for learning and professional development. There is an increased likelihood of peer mentoring and accountability partnering. More important, there are larger Contact Spheres, fostering a supportive environment that creates successful Power Teams.

Heightened Energy and Engagement

Larger groups often bring about a level of energy that is both infectious and motivating. The dynamic environment of a larger BNI Chapter encourages active participation and engagement, stimulating conversations, sparking ideas, and motivating Members to give their best. Whether you’re meeting in person or online, Visitors are always more likely to take the next steps to membership when they see an engaged Chapter in action and feel the buzz in the room.

Inviting Gets Easier

In a thriving larger Chapter, Members often feel more confident in inviting their contacts. The appeal of being part of a successful, vibrant group can leave a strong impression on Visitors, increasing their chances of applying to the Chapter. Larger Chapters by sheer size offer a better chance for everyone to succeed in BNI and this makes it easier to invite your best friends, colleagues, and clients to be part of your active network.

No Leadership Team Burnout

In a larger BNI Chapter, there’s a bigger pool of potential leaders, helping prevent leadership burnout. With more Members willing to step into leadership roles, there are always fresh faces and ideas, allowing others to take a break from leadership duties.

People Stay When They’re Making Money

Smaller Chapters sometimes experience a “revolving door effect,” where they gain a Member and lose a Member keeping Chapter growth at bay. Larger Chapters see this less, and it makes growing and profiting from BNI much easier.

How to Get Growing

First, set up a meeting with your Chapter’s Director or Chapter Success Coach. Let them know you need some help, training, and support in your efforts to add Members. Next, have the Leadership Team set a vision and goals that your Vice President can track to keep everyone accountable. Schedule fun events like Visitor Days and Chapter Anniversary celebrations that open your Chapter’s doors to local professionals.

Chapter growth takes time and dedication. Be sure to celebrate each Visitor and new Member. Within a few months, you’ll see a significant increase in your Chapter and your ROI.



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