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By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Sam OrfanidisSpectac Health Fitness and Performance, Prosperity BNI, BNI Vermont

Businesses change and adapt. They evolve, overcome, thrive and repeat. The question is, how do we look at change?  How do we reflect on 2016 and improve? We change, and never stop growing. Keep working until you have been the change you wish to see in your company and in your business world. To improve, we change.

Now, think of BNI®.  How has BNI changed your business? Have you changed since you first heard of BNI? Has the way you talk, listen and market your business changed? To make those changes, we must be willing to adapt and work through the things that may be causing stress or hindering business growth.  If we do not want to grow and excel, why stay in business?

Look at all your numbers from last year. You did One-to-Ones, which is great. Out of those One-to-Ones, how many were repeat meetings? How did these One-to-Ones change your thoughts on a fellow member’s business?  Did any meeting spark the idea of a new business venture, or a different way to market your business?  If so, that is a successful meeting. A better question is how many referrals did you give last year?

As you’re reading, if you are anything like me, you are asking yourself, “Why are there so many questions in this article?”  Well, how many times a day do you ask yourself these questions? To change, we must challenge ourselves every day, and you should always ask yourself the questions that you would ask someone else, notably, “How did your business perform and if you could, what would you do differently?”

Use BNI as your tool for change.  After you look at your numbers, ask yourself another question, “How can I do better?” That may be more One-to-Ones or more time spent in the community. Whatever it may be, use the tools that you are in this organization for. Go to member events and talk to people. Challenge yourself every day to do something you normally would not do.

Questions aside, businesses change and hopefully for the better. Change with your company and change with your employees.  How we change directly impacts our bottom line.  Why would any business want to take a step backward? 

Unless that step backward is to strategically advance. How do you want to be remembered? A boss or a leader?  BNI changed my outlook and changed my business.  I challenge everyone to change.