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The BNI Experience 18 Months Into Membership

By: BNI Staff
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Dr. Catherine Baudino, Baudino & Co Ltd, Knightsbridge Circle BNI, BNI London
When I joined BNI®, I had been out of the public eye for a while – caring for both my parents and sick husband. After a couple of visits to the Knightsbridge Chapter, I joined as a member.  That was some 18 months ago. 

It was initially, and remains, the energy and integrity around the table that I like.  Being part of a network of people you like, trust and respect is stimulating.

I spoke recently (in May) at two events, both on Leadership Women in Business touching on the challenges of drawing women to STEM industries.  I put this down to BNI – not only did the introductions come via BNI, but also, presenting myself weekly to the group for 60 seconds and occasional Feature Presentation got me back onto the swing of public speaking.

As a coach/counselor, it takes time for people to get to know and trust you so referrals and BNI, where you get to know your ‘team’, are a great way to grow your business.  The first 12 months with BNI was slow but now 18 months in, the referrals are coming in”.

For anyone considering joining, remember to be yourself: authenticity is key. Do not expect an immediate fix. Be patient, and remember that we are farmers, not hunters.