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By: BNI Staff
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Rick Gomez is a Member of BNI® Wealth Builders in South Burlington, VT. This submission details the value of Membership as shown through Rick's ten-year experience with BNI.

When I first visited a chapter just over ten years ago, like most, I had never heard of BNI. When a builder/remodeler that I had been working with informed me of its purpose and potential value, I was intrigued and decided to visit my local chapter.

At the meeting, one of the Member.s confidently declared that if I didn’t get enough business to pay for my membership, he would pay for it personally. That meeting was all I needed; I put my application in without hesitation.

Of course, being an electrician, which is quite simply, one of the easiest professions to give a referral to, he was making a very safe bet. But nonetheless, he introduced me to one client that has given me an average of $15,000 a year in business since.

This year marks two major milestones for me and BNI: first, my ten-year anniversary, and second, I just recently exceeded $1,000,000 in closed business over those ten years. Despite these incredible achievements, it was not instant success. It took a lot of work (One to One’s, CEUs, etc.) but in my second year, my BNI Thank You For Closed Business (TYFCB) exceeded 30% of my gross revenue. The Yellow Pages were no longer needed!

Just last year, BNI was responsible for 50% of my volume, and my current 12 month running total has exceeded $200K for two years, continuously. Thanks to BNI, I now have three full time employees and three trucks on the road.

When I first joined, I was somewhere around 80% billable; BNI has ensured that we stay over 110% billable. Additionally, I have not had a downturn in several years.

Besides volume of work, the thing I like best is the QUALITY of the work. The clients are nicer, they pay faster, and are quick to refer us to others. Giver’s Gain® is REAL people! It is the swiss army knife of business cards in my pocket. It feels great when I’m able refer someone to one of my clients, especially those who are new to the area. By helping them out, not only does a fellow Member get business, but I gain yet another resource as well.

I’ve seen Members come and go, but there is no question, for those that put the effort in, the juice is worth the squeeze. I encourage all current and potential Members, utilize the resources at your disposal and you will grow your business!

Where else can you get a banker, lawyer, realtor, financial advisor, and accountant all in one room every week at your disposal? 

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