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Xavier Souchet is Member of the Chapter BNI® Pouzauges Horizon in Vendée (France). His membership with BNI has not only brought great value, but eliminated a constant feeling of professional isolation.

In this Member Success Story, we conduct an in-depth Q&A with Xavier while getting a sense of how BNI is Changing the Way the World Does Business®.

1. To set the stage, could you please provide us a little background on your profession and company?

I joined BNI as a representative of West Info, which offers a multitude of computer and IT services such as sales, installation and troubleshooting. In addition, we are in a strategic partnership with a software developer and print solution specialist. My company was established in February of 2016 with only two individuals on staff, myself and Romuald Tuffery. We complemented each other well as Romuald technical expertise was balanced by my penchant for business strategy. Our seamless relationship has propelled West Info’s growth from 2 employees to 15, as of today!

2. What differentiates your company from your competitors

Our journey is atypical in that we began operations on an international scale. By positioning ourselves as a subcontractor for IT services, we have worked with Major French brands in a variety of sectors (Banking, Insurance, etc.). We have established a network across Europe, with independent service technicians available throughout the continent. Thanks to the scale of this network, our response time is incredible and allows us to be proactive with our customers. This has allowed us to promote our services with greater effectiveness over the past year.  

3. What motivating factors brought you to BNI?

As we have built an international presence, we wanted to redefine our approach and focus more strategically within individual communities. A BNI Member, Amine Boua (BFS), invited me to a local chapter, BNI Pouzauges Horizon Group. My visitation left an incredible impression as I got a sense that the Members of the chapter were not only friendly and professional, but that they offered a great opportunity for growth.

4. Have you held any positions within the Chapter?

Yes, I’m happy to say that I have. In April 2018, I began my role as a Visitor Host. I found this to be a fantastic opportunity, as this role provides and even greater respect for the personal interactions among Members and guests. Subsequently, in October of 2018, I’m proud to say that I became our Chapter’s President.

5. You have employees that are also BNI Members. What are the advantages of representing your company in multiple Groups in the region? 

By being part of a Group, our employees build incredible networking skills and arm themselves with the knowledge to become even more successful. You can see a difference in the energy and demeanor as a result of their membership with BNI. My partner, Romuald Tuffery, has been a Member of BNI des Sables d’Olonne Côte de Lumière since November 2018.

6. Did you attend BNI’s 2018 Global Convention in Bangkok, Thailand? If so, what were your biggest takeaways?

Yes, I did! And we were able to expand our international network thanks to our attendance. In 2019, we plan to replicate our European model in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico).

With the guidance of Anne Lescure (Regional Director) and Philippe Libaud (Consultant Director), we were able to establish new relationships in North America. Today, those relationships have blossomed and we are currently discussing a North American pilot and an eventual full-scale expansion.

7. How has BNI helped you change the way you do business?

It has significantly enhanced my demeanor. Leading a company through expansion can be stressful, from customer management to administrative expenses, it takes hard word. When Friday comes, on the morning of our chapter meetings, it’s a breath of fresh air. I’m able to openly discuss my issues with fellow Members who offer proper advice and support.

8. What would you like to highlight for BNI Members across the world?

Any BNI Member in need of enterprise IT services, or know of someone with that need, can contact us. We offer a non-exclusive contract and can manage your digital concerns on an as needed basis.


Visit BNI Pouzauges Horizon today!

Friday 7:30 AM

18, rue du Docteur Barbanneau


West Info:




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