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Reliability Through Reputation

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Cathi Dhal, President of Friends in Business Chapter and Sally Waxman, Member of Friends in Business Chapter

The beauty of BNI’s Core Values is that our Members often embody them in their everyday lives. These values, carefully determined over the course of BNI’s 30+ years, help guide Members to become effective and reliable networkers. They also help explain why Members share a common understanding and passion for wanting to help one another.

Our Members know that they can rely upon each other. They have the ability to reach beyond their chapters; to tap into a network of over 240,000 individuals across the globe. And because of a reputation of reliability that is consistently upheld, asking for help is never difficult.

Sally Waxman, of Cincinnati, Ohio’s Friends in Business Chapter, recently reinforced this notion when she contacted a regional office for help with a job she was contracted for. See below to read her story.

Testimonial of Sally Waxman

‘Recently, I took a job for a client in Tampa, Florida for whom I had designed two other homes. As the home was 10-years old, the client wanted new carpet, hardwood, paint throughout and motorized window shades as well as other window treatments. They client also requested that I provide new furniture for the home, which was quite the task.

Having worked on several other residences in the Tampa Bay area I had previously worked with local BNI members. Specifically, I found a member representing a moving and storage company that could receive and deliver new furniture. In addition, I was also able to find a member with a drapery workroom that could fabricate and install the shades and treatments I designed. That experience several years ago went perfectly and I renewed contact with both of those companies.

In need of different services, I called the Tampa Bay area Office of BNI for potential contacts. Fortunately, two ladies who were there provided information on two paint contractors and flooring companies. Due to the reliability of the BNI network, I contacted these Members to discuss their services. Their excitement was noticeable and they ultimately scheduled appointments at the residence so that they could secure the bids.   

I may not have known these folks well but I immediately felt I liked and could trust them. Their demeanor was professional and they both let me know that they valued their BNI affiliation and had each held leadership positions.

Two of the contractors were selected by my client and the revenue generated from these new referrals was in excess of $25,000. The revenue to the drapery fabricator for the second time use exceeded $30,000.

Although the BNI recording system makes it tricky to log these referrals because they are out of state, the value is clear. I was able to connect with reputable people I could trust over 1,000 miles from my home base.

My client thinks I’m a hero.

I think I can safely say without the assistance of these vendors and BNI, that title would not have been appropriate or possible!'

Sally Waxman, Designer

Persimmon Lane Interiors

Friends in Business Chapter BNI SWONKY