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Persistence Leads to Business Growth Through Referrals

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Steve Cain, All Vacuum Center, Inc, BNI Kenton-Boone Chapter, BNI Southwestern Ohio/Northern Kentucky, U.S.

My BNI® story isn't about one particular success, one great connection made, nor how it has increased my business. It's more.

BNI was introduced to me by a friend and business associate almost nine years ago. After being reminded I should visit every week for a year, I consented, mostly to appease him.

When I attended that first meeting, I saw three customers of mine sitting in the room. Then I saw my high school senior class homeroom teacher, whom I hadn't seen in over 25 years. She was now in the website creation business with her husband.

Not only did I receive testimonials for my vacuum cleaner retail business from my current customers, I left with credibility and knowing I was on to something that I never knew existed for the past

31 years in business, all thanks to my persistent friend, Matt.

Now in my ninth year of BNI, it has proven to be beneficial to my business and my life. The amount of friendships I have developed is large, but the personal relationships and development are immeasurable benefits I have received in BNI.

Were it not for that friend, who to this day is still in BNI and urging his contacts to visit a chapter, I don't know that I would have discovered what has proven to not only be a vehicle to grow my business, but to grow as a person using the Givers Gain® philosophy.