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Nicolas Olivier is a videographer and was a finalist in the 2019 BNI Video Contest. He is the founder and managing director of Cactus Audiovisual, and joined BNI in 2016 as part of the BNI Brussels Louise Chapter in Belgium. He is currently a Member of Waterloo Imperial. Read the following Q&A to learn more about Nicolas and his experience with the contest.


Can you describe your business and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

As a videographer by trade, the majority of my productions are developed with social media in mind, specifically Facebook and Instagram. My clientele is primarily within the business sector.

What sets me apart? First of all, my creativity… I always challenge my clients to push the limits, to dare to do something different. Due this approach, we have won several international awards and are regular commended for our originality.

I’m also confident that the level of quality that we provide is industry leading and paces the competition. This is driven by our network of specialists, who all come together under my supervision and ensure an incredible product.


What motivated you to join BNI and what are your Membership goals?

My initial exposure to BNI was through an invitation from fellow Member Jacques Permentier of the BNI Brussels Louise Chapter. My interest was piqued and I decided to visit a chapter. I was inspired; it was pure business with a focus on relationships and proper networking, not the social gathering that I was expecting. My prior experience with networking groups had been underwhelming, none of them had a real dedication to business.

I applied after the conclusion of my second meeting and have been going strong for 3 years, with many more to come.


Have you held any leadership positions within the Chapter? If so, what benefits did you experience?

When I was a Member of the BNI Brussels Louise Chapter, I was in charge of communications, specifically our social media accounts. As a Member of Imperial Waterloo, I have been part of the Membership Committee and was previously our Events Coordinator. My hope is to help develop important trainings in the future and will be happy to use my talents as an experienced videographer to do so.


What was your initial motivation for participating in BNI’s 2019 Video Contest?

When I read about the contest, I thought to myself… “I can do this” and immediately recognized that fellow Member Aurore Delsoir was the perfect Member to tell her story. Opportunities to showcase your work and tell these stories on an international stage are rare, and I knew that I had to participate. Ultimately, it paid off and I couldn’t be more grateful to be named a finalist along with the other talented participants.

Please feel free to view our submission below!


How did your chapter react when your submission was named a finalist?

It was horrible, everyone started insulting me… just kidding, they were all so gracious and delighted. It was a special moment, made even more so by the fact that I wasn’t alone in making it. In addition to Aurora, fellow Members Jennifer and Delphine were involved in the production as well. The enthusiasm throughout the chapter was widespread and contagious.

But it wasn’t just my chapter that celebrated the nomination, it was all of French-speaking Belgium. In a sense, I was representative of every chapter throughout FSB and received overwhelming support from each one of them.


Has this exposure helped build new relationships throughout BNI?

Yes, I have actually been contacted by a number of different Chapters and Members who would like to work with us. I believe these Members see a unique approach to my videos that will allow them to take a calculated risk.

I’m happy to announce that the video will be screened at the Global Convention this November in Warsaw along with the other talented finalists.


Can you tell us an anecdote about BNI that you would like to share with BNI Members? (Recommendation, performance, meeting, successful project, etc.)

My submission in the contest wasn’t the first video that I developed for BNI. I had actually already produced one for both BNI Brussels Louise Chapter and Imperial Waterloo. By working on these videos, it gave me the chance to work closely with our regional directors, Alex and Gene. I was able to lean on their expertise and internalize the Givers Gain mentality. It was a great experience!


How has BNI allowed you to change the way you do business?

I’m a hard worker but you never know what the future will bring. Every one of my clients is a valued part of my network and I will never underestimate our relationships. The loss of a potential client is not something that I take lightly. With BNI I’m able to build my networking skills and continue to cultivate my relationships with all of my clients.

Today, it is the only way that I do business, and it works. I no longer have a need to solicit work outside of my network. As Dr. Misner says, it allows me to work within my flame, not my wax.


What do you want to highlight to BNI Members? (Specific request, new offer, etc.)

Every single Member deserves the chance to showcase themselves in a meaningful and powerful way. If you’re ever in need of video support, please feel free to reach out to us. Any way that we can help a BNI Member, we’ll go above any beyond to do so. Please view our channel here.

Read more about Cactus AudioVisual – 

Visit their Youtube Channel – 



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