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This Member Success story comes from Claudia Bautista, who is a member and current Vice-President of Centauros del Norte in BNI Mexico. Claudia is a two-year Member who has used BNI to help pave the path forward, build confidence and become and inspiration for those facing the challenges of life.

Adversity is the mother of progress - Mahatma Gandhi 

Adversity is inevitable, but it also is the foundation for success and one of life’s greatest teachers. Claudia Bautista, member of BNI Mexico, has faced an excess of adversity in her life and through it all has become an inspiration to all. Through sheer will and determination, Claudia has overcome professional, personal and health-related hardship and transformed into a successful entrepreneur that exemplifies the idea of Member Success.

With a background in Administrative Finance, Claudia had a successful career and family-oriented personality. Married, with children of her own and an entrepreneurial mindset, she not only had a successful career, but a healthy and fulfilling life. That was all tested in 2015 when Claudia was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. The next two years were faced with hardship as she underwent surgery, radiation and 8 rounds of Chemotherapy. And to make matters worse, in May of 2017, her husband left and took their business with him. Claudia faced an uphill battle, but it was one that she was going to win.

Though “devastated morally and economically” Claudia was not one to give up. On her own, with her children, she partnered with her sister and opened her own Cosmetics Studio, Gabriela Bautista Make-Up. Even so, her confidence was down and she needed to find an outlet to not only grow the business, but to find her footing in life. That’s when BNI came into focus.

After visiting a chapter in July 2017, Claudia became a Member of Centauros del Norte in Chihuahua, Mexico the following month. It was a revelation. With her past success as an entrepreneur, her membership and relationships with her fellow members reinvigorated her. She felt that it allowed “infinite possibilities” and a new lease on life.

With her health in check and a renewed sense of focus, Claudia became heavily involved as a proud member. From April 2018 onward, she grew from an event coordinator to education coordinator and ultimately Vice-President.

With new referrals continually coming into focus and proposals in place, Claudia now views BNI as “the most powerful personal and professional network to do business, achieve your goals and develop quality relationships”.

With 2,580,379 MXP in TYFCB (132,000 USD), BNI has certainly provided financial opportunities. That said, even more importantly, it has allowed her to overcome personal adversity and embrace the strong, independent mindset that she’s always had. Her business is now prosperous and she has a new sense of self. A new lease on life.

Claudia wants to offer a special thank you to her Executive Director Arlenne Palomares who has believed in her since Day 1 and always encourages her to reach higher. She is a true mentor.

About Gmake-up Studio

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Gmake-up art studio was founded in 2006 by Gabriela Bautista. She has a degree in business administration, studied professional makeup for theater, body painting, TV makeup, film, photography, special effects and a runway at Complections International Make up school in Toronto, Canada. She also specialized in editorial makeup at Mastered Val Garland in London, England. Her talent has led her to work on large fashion platforms such as New York fashion week, and in 2008 she launched her line of professional cosmetic products. In 2012, she associated with her sister Claudia Bautista, who is now responsible for marketing the company's brand, and manages public relations. In 2017 they decided to open the first boutique for gmake –up cosmetics and as a result, Claudia now markets the products to national and international level.

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