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This Member Success story comes from Christopher Bulin, Member and current Mentor Coordinator of N. Mississippi Achievers located in Southaven, MS 

Christopher is a long-time Member and his story is a great example of how the BNI Model works, no matter where you are.

Christopher Bulin, a Merchant Account Specialist with ClearPay Financial Solutions, is no stranger to a new environment. From the American Midwest, to the American Southeast, his career has instilled a mindset of adaptability. 

After beginning with BNI in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Christopher saw sustained success and became a real believer in the BNI Model. Ultimately, his career moved him south and he began the transition into a valued alumni of the organization.

Fast-forward 3 years and Christopher met his wife - the woman who changed his life. She challenged him to think differently about life and how he conducted business. With his wife by his side, Christopher had a spiritual reawakening and a renewed purpose. With a focus on helping others, he was living the GiversGain mentality in business and in life.

As they began building a family, and settled in Memphis, Tennessee, he found his way back to BNI. By applying what he learned as a Member in Wisconsin, Christopher was able to overcome the challenge of anonymity when joining a new chapter. Going beyond what is expected of a new Member, he was able to embrace the Member Success Program and maximize his reach by valuing the relationships of his fellow Members. This expanded his network exponentially as he relished in the joy of helping others achieve their goals. In his mind, providing referrals and support to others “is worth far more than TYFCB”. It’s a great example of showing that the intangibles of membership really do matter.

As he became more seasoned with BNI, the value of one-to-ones and leadership on his membership could not be understated. This perspective has led him to receive referrals from Members across 10 chapters throughout the MidSouth Region. A pure example of how BNI is a community of like-minded business leaders.

Additionally, as leadership and lifelong learning are an important aspect of his everyday life, Christopher wants to help others realize the success that he has achieved. By being intentional and having a purpose in all that you do while being specific in your ask, anyone can find success. Anyone can find their inspiration.

With qualities reflective of some of the most effective leaders within the organization, Christoper has put together an detailed outline on how to conduct your one-to-ones. Please view them below.

An Outline for the one-to-one process

A Brief Thank You!

“I would like to recognize and give attention to our Executive Director Jana Cardona, of the Midsouth Chapters. Over the past 3.5 years as a Member she has wanted nothing more than to help individual Members grow their business by utilizing the tools set forth through BNI, through workshops and education. Her goals are for BNI Members not to be viewed as just small business owners, nor a competition with any chambers but as an asset and tool to help all businesses grow through business networking, she is intentional and thrives on the good news and success of others, I see that vision and enjoy being a part of it.”  - Christopher Bulin

About ClearPay Financial Solutions

ClearPay Financial Solutions of the Midsouth has an office located in the Memphis market. Unlike the traditional electronic payments provider, we have established ourselves in the area for giving back a portion of all fees that business owners pay back to a nonprofit of “Their Choice”. We partner with multiple nonprofits to show them an untraditional way to raise funds and we connect that nonprofit to local businesses in the fight against whatever cause they choose. Our core principles for the past 10 years have been relationship focused, cutting edge technology and educating our clients on best practices. All our partners have allowed us an approach that is unconventional in the market for processing payments because we have the flexibility to meet their needs by customized solutions not a cookie cutter approach that is often found WITH OTHER providers.

Learn more about Christopher here