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Living in Abundance thanks to BNI®

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Submitted by Craig LaMar, Crye-Leike Real Estate Services, BNI Givers Gain® 4 Life BNI Alabama

I was recently asked in my Givers Gain® 4 Life meeting to share in one word about what BNI® means for me. My word was abundance.

I'm on a life journey, and during that journey I find myself traveling between survival, stability and abundance. Of course, I hate living in survival, and love living in abundance.  Because of experiences in BNI, I am closer to living in abundance every day, and that is a great place to live and work.

Before joining BNI, I found myself winding up in survival too often. That's a place I don't like and always dread. I’d ask myself, "How in the world did you get back here, Craig?” Usually it is because I didn't watch the signs along the way, or didn't look at my map or just ignored which way I was going.

I think success and finding abundance has a lot to do with accountability. BNI brings accountability to my life journey and offers me the tools and the process to hold me accountable. If I do my One-to-Ones, learn from my Continued Education Units, go out each day with intent to refer my connections’ services to the people I know who need them, I know that I will not be stuck long in survival and can move on to stability.

Stability is a much better place to live and work. When I find myself in stability, the thought that I love and which inspires me is that with the help and support of my BNI partners, processes and systems, I can move quickly to abundance. I just have to work within the system and support my partners. In stability I feel more confident - my map and path is very clear. Each day in stability is wrapped in the attitude of being grateful. Every day begins with affirmations and mantras of things for which I am grateful. Every day begins with how can I help someone else today. And the BNI attitude of Givers Gain keeps that focus razor sharp.

Living in abundance, which I am much closer to now than ever because of BNI, is something that motivates me. As I learn the principles and practice the systems, I can live in abundance. It's a fantastic place to be. Thank You BNI'ers around the world!