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Karan Dewan, creative director at London Animation Studio, is a member of BNI Commonwealth chapter in London, England. Read how he quickly embraced the mentality of Givers Gain®.

When I first heard of the BNI model, I didn’t quite know what to expect. It sounded like an interesting way of doing business, but I wasn’t sure of how it all worked.

I’m the creative director at London Animation Studio. We aim to help businesses convey their message through impactful animation, while being affordable. We believe telling a story is the best way to connect and resonate with your customers.

I was initially invited to BNI by a member who was always praising it. I attended a few chapters around London before finally landing on a chapter that truly felt like home – BNI Commonwealth.

Before BNI, I had to invest time and money into paid advertisements to attract new clients to my business. It was expensive, time-consuming, and the leads were hit or miss. But now, I do virtually no advertising. I’m consistently getting new business from members of my chapter, especially my power team. It was just two months before I’d recouped my joining fee and I know that my future in BNI is bright.

I’m glad that I get to work so closely with other hardworking business owners. We all have deep respect for each other and strive to help and support each other – truly living out Givers Gain. We’re all helping one another so all our businesses are growing together.

When it comes to networking, relationships are everything. There are a lot of places you can go that’ll teach you how to sell but at BNI, we’re building powerful relationships. If I go to an individual and give them a sales pitch, I’m only reaching that one person. But if I can build a relationship with that person, they’ll sell to forty people on my behalf. I’m no longer on my own. That’s the power of BNI, building relationships to help one another’s businesses.

I’m grateful to BNI members Timea Kadar and Caroline Somer, who took the initial step to build a relationship with me when I first became a BNI member. They helped me to get settled and strategize how to get (and give) the most in BNI. Their hard work is definitely paying off!

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Please see this creative video the Karan developed to help explain BNI to potential members visiting his chapter.