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How Specific Are You With Referral Partners?

By: BNI Staff
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If you were asked exactly what kind of person would help you grow your business, what would you say? Who exactly is your target client? Do you know?

The more specific you can be with yourself, and your goals, the easier it will be for you to share those goals with your referral partners. More importantly, the easier it will be for your referral partners to keep you and your business top of mind as they are connecting with others.

Have you ever said to someone, “I want to meet anyone who needs my services”? If yes, has your generic request for a new contact ever resulted in a referral?

Likely the answer here is no, because your request was so high-level that your referral partners were unable to immediately think of someone. The more specific you can make your request, even down to possibly naming a specific person, the easier it will be for your referral partners to help make an introduction.

This concept doesn’t just apply to asking for referrals. When you are learning about someone else’s business, consider asking them who specifically they would like to be introduced to. Building goodwill with your connections will bolster your relationships and help strength the connection you already have.

Learn about a few specific pieces of their business – perhaps only one or two products they offer as opposed to everything – and learn the details of those specific elements. In turn, share specifics back to your partners about your business.

The reason you are not getting the referrals you truly want may be because you are not asking for them. If there is a specific person you would like to meet, tell your network! You never know who many know your dream referral.

As Dr. Ivan Misner says, “Specific is Terrific!”