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This Member Success story and submission comes from Helen Mileham, a BNI Member from BNI Hanse of Kings Lynn in the United Kingdom

Success Stories take commitment and drive, and sometimes it requires faith and a second chance. Helen Mileham, a Member from the United Kingdom first joined BNI in 2016. As a small business owner and dedicated entrepreneur, Helen was looking for a network that could help her establish her brand, Glorious Food.

And while her positive attitude helped her adapt to the BNI culture well, she faced an uphill climb. When visiting BNI Chapters throughout the globe, you’ll often find commonalities in many of the areas that Members represent, whether it be finance, insurance, real estate or one of many other well-known professions. Helen, however, focuses on dietary advocacy and lifestyle improvement, which requires a delicate approach when finding and building the right clientele.

Even so, with a dedicated commitment to her chapter, Helen has found a way to establish herself and thrive.

Glorious Food, founded by Helen in 2015, was established in order to empower people to take control of their dietary and digestive health with the goal of helping people to live Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) free. As you can imagine, this is a subject that people are not always open to discussing. But that’s the beauty of BNI… by establishing trusted relationships, Members are willing to go above and beyond for others, and to accept help more willingly.

When Helen first joined BNI, she found success, but not to the point where her Membership became a foundational piece of her business. After leaving due to time constraints, she decided to give it another shot; a decision that is paying dividends on a regular basis.

Helen not only covered the annual cost of her Membership within her first month, but she has taken on the Givers Gain mentality by helping her fellow Members with valuable referrals. She’s even taken on the role as Training & Events Coordinator, which has only reinforced her belief that everyone should take on a leadership role throughout their journey with BNI.

As she continues to build a valuable network, her commitment has shown through as Helen recently led the Norfolk region in Member Traffic Lights with a score of 100! She also helped form a Health and Wellness Power Team, helping to add balance to her chapter.

By building rapport and establishing trusted relationships, Helen’s business has now gone from precarious position to one of stability and is in the process of scaling further.

With a goal of helping 1 million people to live IBS free, Helen’s path to success has been a hard-fought journey, and she’s thankful to BNI for helping her build a foundation

About Helen and Glorious Foods

Helen specializes in food allergy testing and mainly work with people struggling with Digestive Health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Diverticulitis, Crohn’s and Colitis.

She has created a program that is 70-100% effective at reducing ALL painful symptoms of these debilitating health issues and have helped over 300 people to literally change their lives with a simple change of diet.

Helen works with people globally with my online Be IBS Free program. From anywhere anytime people can learn how to be IBS free with my accountability and educational ‘easy access’ online course. That is where my main focus is right now

To learn more about Glorious Food an Helen, click here or view the video below.