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Submitted by Bob Arnone, Member of Rocket City Referrals (Huntsville, Alabama).

I believe in the power of sports to shape the character of our Nation’s Youth.  Studies show that students who participate in organized activities tend to have higher grade point averages, graduate, and stay out of trouble.

I retired in 2002, after 26 years in the U.S. Army.  As I started my transition in 2001, I was looking for inspiration to stay in physical shape and set personal goals.  I discovered  my next calling, officiating high school (American) football. Since then, not only have I been officiating, but I am also a State Camp Instructor where I teach officials.


In the United States, there is a nationwide shortage of officials, which is causing school systems to reschedule or cancel organized sports.  That causes a ripple effect on youth development and local economies.  This shortage is partially due to the fact that becoming an official can be a confusing and complicated process. That's because it's ultimately our job to ensure the game is fair and the players are safe.

To simplify the process, I started Get It Right in 2012. The intent was to exploit the power of visual learning and the advancements in gaming technologies, ultimately producing a program that could  train officials.  Our advanced program shows where officials need to be positioned on the field, where they should be looking, and how they are supposed to interact with their fellow crew members.  We rendered animations of over 100 rules that cover American Football. These animations visually display what we need to look for to make an appropriate call.  Because this program was so groundbreaking, and could be utilized in various scenarios, We began offering it to coaches as well. Not only does it help explain rules among coaching staffs, but it can help their players to minimize injuries through recognition.

Get It Right was designated as a Game Changer in the Officiating Industry by the National Association of Sports Officials.

As of 2018, we have penetrated 46 States and 11 Countries.  Momentum and visibility continues to grow in 2019 as Get It Right is participating in National Coaching and Officiating clinics.

BNI Story.

My BNI experience began after I attended the Rocket City Referrals (Huntsville, Alabama) Visitors Day in December 2017.  That was my second visit to the Chapter.  Lisa Smith was the Chapter Consultant and described international opportunities that BNI could provide.  This intrigued me and after submitting my application, I was accepted as a Member (January 2018).  While I have made local progress, it's unrealistic for my fellow Chapter Members to give me a referral when I ask “I would like a warm welcome to Betzalel Friedman, the Commissioner of the Israeli American Football League”.

Through SuccessNet™, I discovered the Global Power Team.  I applied and was accepted.  The GPT decided to conduct a Summit in October 2018, where GPT Members would gather outside our bi-weekly videoconferences.  Our BNI Members in Tel Aviv graciously opened their invitation to host the meeting.

I embraced the opportunity and by making a connection with Mikhal Heffer in Tel Aviv, I was able to arrange a meeting with Mr. Friedman and his staff in Jerusalam.  Two days later, the Israeli Football League became a Get It Right client. An incredible milestone for my country that was possibly only through my Membership with BNI. 

I continue to be a proud Member of Rocket City Referrals, where I practice the philosophy of Givers Gain®. In addition, I am active participant in my Global Power Team as international opportunities become more and more prominent.

My thanks to my Chapter, my Global Power Team and BNI Israel. I'm continuing to focus my effort on Get it Right and hope to grow further with BNI. Please see a demo of our program below.

Ideal Referral: American football league commissioners and heads of officiating organizations at all levels...youth leagues up to adult/professional levels.