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Five Tips for Being a Stronger Leader

By: BNI Staff
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Whether you are an independent business owner, or work for a larger global firm, being a leader can be challenging. And while leadership does come naturally to some, others may have to work on it. The following easy-to-implement tips can help you become a more effective, and respected leader:

  • Lead by example: Even when no one is watching – act like everyone is watching.
  • Communicate early and often: Your employees are your most important stakeholders. Be as transparent and clear as possible. Share your vision and lessons you’ve learned. Celebrate successes. And remember, communication is a two-way process. Seek feedback and encourage conversation whenever you can.
  • Choose your team carefully: Invest in people who have varying skillsets. Recognize and utilize each of their strengths. The team of people you surround yourself with will be the ones who determine your success.
  • Encourage productivity: Start meetings on time. State your goals, and stick to an agenda, when possible. Encourage everyone to contribute – not only the ‘loud’ voices in the room. Trust your team to be productive, and work hard, throughout the day.
  • Have fun: While business is certainly serious, the best leaders know how to build excitement and have fun with their teams. Creating a positive and fun culture is important!

While there are several leadership styles, one of the most important qualities of a good leader is to lead by example. Work hard. Make smart choices. Hold yourself accountable. Be humble, and approachable. Show compassion. These are traits that employees and peers will admire.