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Every Visitor – Every Time

By: Mike Fitton
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    Mike Fitton

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As we implement BNI Engage in regions around the world (currently over 450), entering information into Connect becomes more and more critical.  BNI Engage is designed to take information in Connect and communicate with visitors and members in a consistent and personalized way.  The system uses the information in Connect, and even the absence of information in Connect to ensure these communications are accurate.  

Every Visitor – Every Time is a campaign to help our members understand the importance of entering visitors into Connect in a timely and accurate fashion.  By doing so leadership teams will ensure the best possible experience for visitors to a chapter, and ensure that more chapters around the world have more referral partners, passing more referrals and growing members’ businesses.  Please help all members by ensuring that visitor information is accurately and proactively entered into Connect each and every week.  Thank you for your help and for Changing the Way the World Does Business®.