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This Member Success story comes from Christophe Gross, member of BNI Metz Mirabelle in BNI France

For a long time, Christophe Gross didn't believe that BNI was the right fit. And yet, since he joined, he continues to progress both personally and professionally.

The idea of joining BNI was not instant, and it took quite a while before Christophe was ready to dive in. "As early as 2013, a partner in the French province of Champagne regularly talked to me about BNI and the opportunity that it could provide. He was adament that it could help boost my business. Unfortunately, there was no BNI Chapter on the horizon in Metz.

Later, in 2014, one of Christophe's clients told him about a network of entrepreneurs setting up in Metz, with another way of doing business. And as luck would have it, he was referring to BNI, which Christophe immediately recognized. Subsequently, he was invited to visit this new Chapter, BNI Metz Mirabelle, during their launch in July of 2014. 

"With more than 150 people present, applauding, giving speeches, and participating in role-playing games.....  I, who was rather reserved by nature, did not initially see myself being comfortable in front of so many people. After another "official visit", I came to understand the concept and the potential that it offered. Despite my nervous nature, I applied and joined the Group in February 2015!

"I have learned a lot, given a lot and I am still hungry for more!"

Since then, Christophe has invested a lot in his BNI Metz Mirabelle Chapter: 4 times as Vice-President ("I am nicknamed VPP: Preferred Vice-President!"), regularly participating in the Members' and Host Committees, and acting as the Education Coordinator and Mentor. This has allowed him to integrate well into the Chapter, to have more self-confidence (especially in terms of public speaking) and to propel his personal and professional life. 

"BNI is business, but it's also a community of friends and that's priceless. We know that we can all count on each other in times of difficulty, when business becomes secondary. As long as I can share my BNI experience, and give to others, I will be 200% involved. There's no question that I have learned a lot, given a lot and that I am still hungry for more! As a BNI Member today and always, I live through Givers Gain®!"

Proud of what he has given and happy with what he has received, Christophe is thrilled with what his participation has brought to his life: 

"I have given more than €580,000 in business to my co-Members and I have obtained €200,000 in referrals (70% of which is in service delivery), which is huge for a company like mine. To date, BNI represents more than 35% of my business! I was able to sign my best application thanks to BNI: a fibre optic interconnection on 30 sites for a company based in Luxembourg. I'm incredibly prideful of this, and it would never have been possible without the support of BNI."

About Christophe and CGCOM Services

As a founding manager of CGCOM Services, a corporate telephony company, Christophe Gross offers fixed, mobile and Internet solutions for SMEs, associations and administrations. "We are the only contact person for the customer... I work with all the operators on the market (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, and all the other MNVO and Switchless). I am not married to anyone (except my wife!) which allows me to be objective and find the best technical and pricing solution in relation to the client's needs. We provide a free audit and then follow up with a personalized offer."

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