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Embrace Change at Every Level to Achieve Your Goals

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., Learning Strategies

The late William Perry, professor of education at Harvard, used to say, “Whenever someone comes to me for help, I ask myself: What does this person really want. And what will they do to keep from getting it?”

Even when we want to adopt a new behavior that’s aligned with our goals, we often generate the very obstacles that prevent us from achieving them.

It could just be that you’re not clear on exactly what to do. Or at some level you feel uneasy about actually making the change.

These obstacles can kick in with any plan for behavior change. The change might be a small one, such as driving a new route to work, or a major commitment, such as adopting a daily exercise program or meditation practice.

Whenever you plan to change any behavior, make sure that you “sign on” at all levels of your being. Let your intention become crystal clear. Feel the benefits that will immediately flow into your life.

Make your planned change so vivid and valuable that it resonates in your heart. Let the readiness to change sink down into the very muscles that will soon move in new ways.

Experiment with these suggestions:

  • Think of a model—a person who consistently demonstrates the behavior that will help you achieve your goal. Imagine that person in front of you right now, performing the behavior with mastery.
  • Carefully check your feelings to make sure that this is what you want. Ask yourself, If I could have this resource as my own, would I choose it? If your feelings say no, then modify the behavior until it’s just right.
  • Now focus on the subtle details of this behavior… the posture involved… the rhythm and tempo of the movements… the quality of the voice… how facial muscles move when your model speaks.
  • Now put yourself in place of your model. See yourself doing the exact behavior that your model demonstrated. Feel yourself using the same muscles… the same posture… the same movements… the same voice.
  • As you repeat this visualization several times, completely accept the new behavior. Know that it will serve you in positive ways. This rich resource is already available to you whenever you want it.

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