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"If I Grow, My Business Grows"

By: BNI Staff
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Charissa Renee is a proud BNI member and owner of Grace to Organize. Learn how her personal growth is helping her grow her business. Charissa is a member of BNI Rocky Mountain Business Builders Chapter in Colorado Springs, CO.

Tell us a little about your business.

I’m the owner of Grace to Organize in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My vision is to help people find the space and time to do what they are called to do. Everyone has their own purpose, and they need the space and time to focus on that. I help them to declutter, organize, and simplify their schedule so they can do what is most important to them.

What led you to BNI and what impact has it had on your business?  

I had visited several BNI Chapters before I actually joined. It wasn't until I found the "right" group for me that I felt compelled to join. I can't even say there was anything specific that drew me to my group, it just felt comfortable, and like I was at home.

BNI has helped me so much personally, and that is the greatest impact it's had on my business. As a small business solopreneur, if I grow, my business grows. I'm investing in myself and my knowledge and experience, and my business is growing because of it.

What about BNI inspires you?

BNI inspires me to become excellent at networking. Before BNI I was a "popcorn" networker. I would show up to a random meeting here or there, and hope to plant seeds, and be memorable enough for others to refer me. But, BNI challenged me to be consistent, and professional in networking. It also challenged me to become better at articulating who I am, the services I offer, and how to be creative in sharing those.

What’s the most important networking tip that you think other BNI members should know?

My most important networking tip is to be open-minded. I have seen people say no to opportunities because they don't see the value, and it's disappointing. We can't always see what is on the other side of a 1-2-1, or an event invite. There are many secret doors in networking that have to be opened. It's important to be available and willing to try new things and meet new kinds of people. I have met some great friends through networking that I may have never met otherwise.

Is there anyone that you would like to recognize at BNI?

I would love to recognize Donna Austin who sponsored me in BNI. She has a great business and for quite some time I encouraged her to do her business full time. I saw the potential she had for really making great money. I got to see her quit her part time job that was not fulfilling her and was not paying well at all. She joined BNI as part of her effort to be successful and ended up inviting me to her group that I instantly clicked with. I had visited other chapters but never felt the need to join until I went to hers! 

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