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Brewed for Success - A BNI Story

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Matt Valantine of Rise & Refer in Perrysburg, Ohio (U.S.)

BNI put my company on the map! Thanks to an invitation from Craig to visit BNI, my coffee business is scaling 42% faster. My one-man selling show exploded into a twenty strong salesforce with momentum and intentionality when I joined Rise & Refer in Perrysburg, OH 14 months ago. 42% of my profits and sales as a company have come from BNI. 19 of my 29 Monthly ViP Subscribers are a direct result of relationships fostered in BNI.

The DRiP Coffee, LLC, launched in August 2017, exists to provide High-Quality, locally roasted coffee at an affordable price. Our dual focus is (1) becoming the highest consumed local roasted coffee brand in Northwest Ohio (we source a High-Quality bean, roast on a top-end drum roaster, and sell strategically to immerse The DRiP Coffee brand into homes, businesses, & events in Northwest, OH) and (2) providing go-to Third Spaces in Northwest Ohio designed for the moderate to avid coffee drinker to Gather, Connect, & Relax. Come after work. Come after dinner. Come after the kids are in bed. Sit back, breathe in the aroma of fresh coffee, and refresh.

Why bring people together in this environment? Life is often harsh and demanding. We pour out all day long and in return, need to be poured into to carry on. Every DRiP coffee shop will offer an atmosphere that welcomes all ages and invites the world in to enjoy amazing coffee and live music. A weekly mix of jazz, classical, open mic, comedy, and more will entertain and inspire our guests night after night.

As the owner and CEO, I manage the moving parts and employees for The DRiP Coffee.  I’ve been married to my true love and best friend, Amanda, for nearly 20 years and I have four children (ages 7-17). I serve as a volunteer youth leader and operate as the Midwest Regional Sales Rep for a Pre-Press Graphics & Packaging Company. I enjoy living life on purpose, building relationships through networking and community, recreational activities, leading teams, implementing visionary ideas, and loving my family.  I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 30…. maybe I’m catching up. 3-5 cups a day…morning, noon, and night. I can drink a strong cup of coffee and be asleep minutes later. I’m not sure coffee is my passion (yet) … people are my passion. Offering something Hopeful is my goal. Creating an idea that can be anticipated. A night out with friends. A warm beverage and a great song that can inspire. Time away from the messiness.

BNI has taught me the power of networking through The Power of One (referrals, CEUs, 1-1s, presentations, relationships, people). My chapter is my guinea pig. Luckily, many of you will never experience some of my “test blends” thanks. My fellow chapter members, who I meet with weekly and fight to unearth referrals for, have become my friends. I want them to succeed as much or more as I want to be successful. Givers Gain.

In addition, BNI has contributed to the following:

  • The launch of my VIP program, mentioned above, which is a monthly subscription where each VIP subscriber receives 2-3 bags of Drip coffee per month. I was inspired by two fellow members in my chapter, Lisa & Crystal, to launch this.
  • BNI doubled the number of interested investors since I joined the Rise & Refer chapter
  • BNI gave me the opportunity to receive honest & constructive feedback about my product & sales strategy through one-to-ones!

You are reading about The DRiP Coffee because I was bold enough to ask for help reaching my 2019 Goals… (1) 100 bags sold per week and (2) 50 Monthly ViP subscribers. Now I want to ask you for help. Will you personally purchase a bag of our coffee? Will you gift a bag to someone you know appreciates great quality coffee? Will you help me open The DRiP Coffee Shops so others can experience the hope and connection we desire to create? Thanks for reading my story. Join us on our journey. Try a Sip of The DRiP… you won’t regret it.

Matt Valantine (CEO & Owner)

The DRiP Coffee, LLC

Bowling Green, OH