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Submitted by Towanda Geary, BNI Vermont Ambassador

What are you talking about?  An entire day of training?  Come on!  What can be so complicated about Business Networking International (BNI)?   My three hour Member Success Training is more than enough!  I have heard these comments at times ever since I took my first Advanced Member Success Program.  Yes, I did it twice!  You see, BNI happens to be an integral part of my business. It is my business.  As such, it is my responsibility to make sure that I am properly trained and updated in everything that affects the success of that business. How irresponsible and potentially dangerous for clients if one chooses to stagnate? There is always a need for continuing education both required and by choice .  The same applies with everything that makes your business a success.  That is where taking the Advanced Member Success Program comes in.   It is one of the many continuing education units that helps to propel you towards that success.

Now, let’s be honest here.  Not a lot of people enjoy sitting all day, let alone when we have to concentrate and learn.  I don’t particularly care for it myself. What I do enjoy is what comes from it.  Do you happen to know anything about the three levels of referrals and how they are graded?  How about your knowledge on the three types of referral givers that directly impacts the effectiveness of referrals?  No?  Nothing?  May I refer you back to the title of this article then?  How about your knowledge base on the effectiveness of your one to ones?  You know, those pesky, time consuming hours we spend getting to know people in the hopes that we will send each other referrals?  Do you have any prepared worksheets for those yet?  Sorry?  What worksheets you ask?  May I refer you to the title of this article again?  We all have heard of Contact Spheres and Power Teams, but for those who did not attend the Advanced Member Success Program, these two great opportunities for more business won’t be as powerful as they can become without coaching.  They can be very good, but not great!  Let me help you out with this a moment; oops, I will have to refer you to the title of this article… again 😉

Here are some of my thoughts on our Weekly Presentations and Featured Presentations. I have found it a bit difficult to find the lowest common denominator(LCD) at times and knowing how this helps in educating my chapter members, I have…..I’m sorry, what did you say?  You want me to elaborate on LCD’s?  Well, I am not the best qualified person to help you with that.  I can refer you to someone who can though. Her name is Vickie Wacek and she knows “a little bit” about all this. If I may refer you to the title of this article again.  She teaches it!

So, to get to the point, I’m talking about increased success for your business.  For those questioning the length of the course (day), I say it’s the best way to spend a day to make you the very best educator about your business, and that equals more success.  Here’s that word again. Success!  What is so complicated about BNI?  Nothing, if you have the right tools. Otherwise you cannot be as successful in your understanding of Givers Gain®.  And for those stating that your 3 hours Member Success Program is enough, I would say, good for you if you are satisfied.  However, you are not learning about techniques which can bring your business to new heights of success.  Well, here’s that pesky word again, SUCCESS!…  The best reason to attend the Advanced Member Success Program!