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Submitted By: Barb Lynch, BNI® Success Partners, Northeast Florida 

There is a section on our One-to-One forms that the first time I read it, I thought why is this important? And that is, “Something you didn’t know about_____________”.  Over the years, several of the “Something I didn’t know about ______” have been funny and surprising!  Recently, I heard a “Something you didn’t know about me” that truly inspired me and challenged me to give more of myself!

David Simpson is a member of my chapter – Success Partners, NE Florida region, holding the supplement health seat, offering a wonderful product ZEAL.  It was during his Showcase Presentation that I learned that he and his wife are foster parents and have been for years.  Then the next week, he and his family were featured on the front page of our local newspaper – The St. Augustine Record – “Foster Care families share why they do what they do”.  I know it is very important to understand your “WHY”, but I have come to realize the “WHO”, is just as important.  Getting to know the “Who”, Dave Simpson has now caused me to be his champion and his referral partner.  His “Givers Gain®” lifestyle is more than just words.  Below please find excerpts from the frontpage article.  His “Givers Gain” core value has sowed many a seed of blessings.  His garden is full.

St. Augustine Record – August 20, 2018 By Coleen Michele Jones

No matter what else happened, Katie and David Simpson wanted to provide a stable environment – if a temporary one – for Cathan, who they took into their home as an unsure 6-year old almost a decade ago.

The rest of the pieces would fall into place somehow, they told themselves.  How Cathan might take to them, whether he’d eventually be reunited with his natural family - Or if he even wanted to make this his permanent home.

The Simpson’s - if they had anything to do with it, this would be Cathan’s last stop in what for many other children in the foster care system is a revolving door of placements and removals.

Over the last eight years, the Simpsons have fostered five children and adopted all five: Cathan, Erica, Logan, Brandon and Taliah – four of whom are still living in their home – something the couple said has been the plan all along.

Has it been tough? “Sure”, responded David, “but I figure if it’s tough for us, it’s got to be twice as hard on them.” 

Nine-year-old Logan said he doesn’t miss his “old life”.  “If I make a mistake, people don’t abuse me”, he said as he lay in his father’s arms.  “So, I feel safe”.

Nothing compares in life to that of a child feeling safe.