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When Passion Becomes Reality

By: BNI Staff
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This Member Success story and submission comes from Betty Brunson, BNI Member and current president of BNI Results On Fire in Gainesville, Florida (BNI USA)

Betty Brunson is someone that you could consider the quintessential people person. As a former store manager for a major U.S. Supermarket, Betty knows what people want. And after 25 years, she decided to use that knowledge to propel her into the realm of entrepreneurship.

5 Years ago, with her husband by her side, Betty opened Crafty Bastards Restaurant & Pub, fulfilling a lifelong passion and dream of owning her own business. 5 years later, her business is on a roll. Not only do they serve some of the freshest food in Gainesville, Florida but they have opened up a sister Bottle Shoppe, which offers over 750 varieties of beer and a strong selection of wine.

And if you ask Betty, she attributes a lot of the success to BNI, with a little bit of blood, sweat and tears thrown into the mix.

When they first opened the restaurant, Betty joined 2 local business groups but found them mundane and not worth the investment. At Publix, where she built her career, Betty was driven and passionate, but she didn’t have the connectivity that she desired. BNI filled that void.

Invited by fellow Member, Jess Odom, Betty found a new perspective and was able to further acquire the skills needed to scale her business. It didn’t hurt that, from her perspective, BNI and Publix have some similarities that helped her adapt to the culture quickly. With a clear moral compass, incredible work ethic and a Givers Gain attitude, she became a valued Member of her chapter, ultimately being named chapter president. A role that she has now held for 1 ½ years.

BNI has not only helped Betty build her dream business, it has enhanced the leadership skills that she acquired over a long career, reinforcing the importance of Lifelong Learning for all Members. With the support of her community and chapter Betty’s business has evolved into exactly what she envisioned, a family friendly atmosphere that includes trivia, karaoke, and live entertainment on-site.

More importantly, with her sons involved in the business, she’s able to instill in them the values and attitude that she displayed throughout her career and in BNI.

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