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"My Journey with BNI" by Amogh Giridhar

By: BNI Staff
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Submitted by Amogh Giridhar, Support Director Consultant and Member of BNI Symphony (Bangalore, India) .

I'm a proud Member of BNI Symphony, Bangalore, India, and represent Prequate, a Finance+Strategy Consulting firm based out of Bangalore.  We have completed successful assignments in almost 20 countries.  Established in 2010, we have a focus on the IT, ITES, and the Manufacturing sector. We work with businesses over 4M USD in revenue and add value to them as a cross-functional impact team whose goal is to deliver measurable, tangible, and regular outcomes.  We are on a mission to work with 1000 business by December 2021 and are a third of the way towards achieving that target with 370 current business relationships. 

Prequate’s initiatives range from business (markets, offerings, pricing, board activation & management line extensions, spin-offs, acquisitions, growth planning) to financial (cash flow management, capacity utilization, profitability, capability, technical guidance, structuring).  As a practice, we provide an external view across the business and are proactive in nature.  We are focused on dedicated outcomes, which makes us effective with our developed and sustainable approach.  We implement a cross-functional team to work with businesses, which provides the client more flexibility and a hands-on solution to their business problems.

My 2-year journey is BNI with the Symphony chapter has been an incredibly fruitful one.  My business is largely dependent on referrals, and we felt that BNI would be a great platform.  It would allow us to bring in more qualified referrals and reciprocate as needed.  

Initially, as a Member, I wondered how other Members could refer to a business/concept that was new or foreign to them.  However, through the mentoring process the benefits of BNI became clearer.  Although I had one official mentor, a lot of Members were easy to approach and were always happy to help me unlock the potential of BNI.  With this, I started getting quality referrals very quickly from BNI Members across Bangalore and other locations.  This was a direct result of regular one-to-ones across my chapter and region, numerous trainings and a commitment to fully utilizing my BNI connect profile. 

BNI is very effective, especially if you follow the recommend processes, trainings and readings.  My journey is a clear example of that.  However, I believe that I've only scratched the surface of BNI's potential.  There are more opportunities to be had, not just in India, but across the world.

Thanks to the trust of fellow chapter Members and regional Directors, I have held both Leadership (Chapter President) and support roles (Ambassador).  At the moment, I am currently supporting the launch of a new chapter in Bangalore as a Support Director Consultant.  These roles, in addition to my Membership, have helped me expand my network and business.  More importantly, BNI is one of our most profitable customer acquisition channels.

I have a lot of Members to thank for this incredible journey, especially the Members of BNI Symphony. There are 2 people in particular I’d like to recognize for their continuous support and guidance.  The first one is, of course, my sponsor, the person who introduced me to BNI, Mr. Dwarakanath Kini.  The second person has been a guiding light for Members across Bangalore, Mr. Parimal Rao.  Mr. Rao is also the Support Director Consultant of BNI Symphony, of which I am proud to be a Member of.