Our Stories

Our Stories

BNI Members enjoy unparalleled business growth. As the world’s largest referral network, BNI Members passed over 11.5 million referrals last year, resulting in more than $16.2 billion (USD) in business.

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Experience our proven referral system in action. People just like you working together, helping each other grow their businesses and improve their business skills.

Our Stories

In addition to unparalleled business growth, BNI Members develop lasting relationships that allow them to grow personally and professionally.

BNI is an innovative company who adjusts with the times.

When I joined BNI, I knew it was a place to network and pass referrals, but what I never expected was the camaraderie that exists between members. With BNI Online®, we can safely connect to a weekly meeting in our homes with members we know, like and trust.  What members are asking for may be different, but it doesn’t matter because we all have a common goal: to pass referrals and offer any support and solutions we can. While we can’t control the situation outside our homes, we can control our thoughts and actions. Online conversations are richer and deeper now because they now include many acts of kindness and compassion, in addition to passing referrals.  Members can have 121s with anyone around the world and begin to build global business relationships and friendships.  A visitor was impressed:  he said it was obvious BNI CARES.  The support members receive in our virtual rooms is priceless…well worth the price of admission.  The main reason members stay in BNI globally is camaraderie and fellowship.  We WANT to refer members we know, like and trust…because we truly care about each other succeeding and helping each other live our best lives.

Glad Perez is a Senior Financial Advisor & Managing Director – Indigo Wealth Management * BNI Director Consultant

Glad Perez


“In the six years since I joined BNI, the business has grown from two of us to 13 people, and BNI has been an essential and integral part of that.

“We’ve benefited enormously from great referrals and qualified introductions, as well as very fruitful collaborations with other businesses.
I’m also really pleased that through their membership of other BNI groups, my team members are developing their own confidence and awareness of lead generation opportunities. It empowers them to take ownership of their parts of our business.

And for my part, I’ve learned so much about how to run a business from the experience and wisdom of other members.”

Legal, Solicitor- Wills Probate

Devendra Rampersaud


Like most entrepreneurs, Benjamin struggled growing his business with cold calls. However, somebody told Ben about BNI and invited him to visit a BNI chapter.

He immediately fell in love with BNI as it was well-suited to his personality and his way of doing business. Benjamin became a BNI member in 2014 because BNI helps him to get those opportunities that he wouldn’t get by cold calling.
What Benjamin loves most about BNI is the culture of our members and the global support he receives. Ben is now starting to support others globally. Ben helps BNI members in other countries get in touch with French businesses. He also found his first international customer at the 2018 BNI Global Convention in Bangkok, Thailand with another BNI Director Consultant from BNI Germany.

BNI – Leader mondial de la recommandation d’affaires

Benjamin Delagoutte


Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy. But BNI member Marim Abdul found that once she got out of her own, success wasn’t far behind.

Since she considers herself shy, Marim knew she would need to get out of her shell to acquire clients when she started her insurance business. Knowing that BNI provided a place to generate referrals, Marim decided to join her local Southern California chapter. And in just five years, she went from zero clients to over 300.

Marim says about one-third of her clients are directly from BNI referrals, but the other two-thirds are from the networking skills that she has developed as a BNI member.

In her words, “I am thankful for this organization, which provided me with tools to get out of my comfort zone and to really succeed in my referral marketing activities. The success I have found in my business is definitely a tribute to being a BNI member.”

Marim Abdul


Amanda Deering started with a small law office and a handful of clients. Searching for a way to grow her business, she found BNI had the exact tools she needed.

Since she joined her local BNI chapter, her firm’s volume has increased by 525%, leading to an 838% increase in revenue. Amanda has also outgrown her original office space and moved to a larger one, adding three members to her team along the way.

But BNI has given her more than just an increase in business; it’s given her a reliable network where she can send clients who need other services. In Amanda’s words, “Now instead of ‘nodding and agreeing’ when my clients talk about the rising costs of health insurance, I am able to refer them to someone who can help them.”

Amanda cites BNI as a key factor in her firm’s growth and says, “BNI has truly changed my way of thinking about my business, and I cannot imagine running my law firm without BNI.”

Amanda Deering


Connie Bailey Ramsden

Referrals Unlimited Chapter

Moments of Giving video series features BNI Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Ivan Misner, reading amazing success stories from BNI Chapters all around the world.


John Fairgreive

BNI Titans

"With the shift to digital networking, the versatility of BNI Members knows no bounds. "


Graham Weihmiller

BNI CEO + Community Builder

"Now more than ever, BNI stands alongside you. And in these challenging times, bni online® offers you a way to stay connected and grow forward together."


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Experience our proven referral system in action. People just like you working together, helping each other grow their businesses and improve their business skills.