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BNI Press Release
March 30, 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC March 27, 2023 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s largest business networking organization, has launched a plan to help Members double the value of their businesses by 2027, impacting millions of growth-oriented businesses across the globe. BNI offers a proven growth program that includes a structured weekly meeting, powerful technology, and on-demand training, enabling Members to generate valuable new client referrals across town and, increasingly – across the globe.

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BNI Press Release
Recent Study Shows Client Referrals Save Time For Entrepreneurs
March 14, 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC March 14, 2023 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s largest referral networking organization, recently conducted a study showing that word-of-mouth referrals can be an effective way to grow a business and save time. This study found that BNI referrals convert to revenue 55% of the time1 and that referrals received from BNI Members convert to business 38% quicker than leads from other sources2. Through a structured model, BNI Members around the globe meet each week for approximately ninety minutes to talk about their business, share qualified referrals to one another, and build relationships through the power of visibility and credibility.

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BNI Press Release
BNI® Shares Why Referrals Are The Most Powerful Way To Grow A Successful Business
February 20, 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC February 20, 2023 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s leading business referral organization, is demonstrating the power of referral networking and word-of-mouth marketing through their proven platform. BNI Members worldwide generated over $20.6 billion in revenue in the past twelve months alone. This incredible recorded revenue was made possible by 13.5 million referrals passed across the BNI community between Members who represent hundreds of different professions.

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BNI Press Release
Referrals Lead To Reliable Business Growth In Any Economy
August 18, 2021

CHARLOTTE, NC August 18, 2021 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s leading business referral organization, today publicly announced that BNI Members worldwide generated over $18 billion in revenue in just the past twelve months. This revenue occurred via 12 million referrals between Members who represent hundreds of professions from financial advisors to photographers to electricians. BNI Members meet online or in-person every week in 70 countries to learn about each other’s businesses and to refer valuable new clients.

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BNI Press Release
BNI® “Master Connector” Livestream Event: Advanced networking strategies used to overcome economic adversity and generate $16.2B in Member-generated business
May 13, 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 13, 2021 – There’s strength in numbers is an axiom that has kept BNI (Business Network International) growing its Member base for 36 years. As the world’s largest referral networking organization, BNI has over 275,000 Members worldwide who have thrived this past year despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

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Weighing In: US Small Businesses Strong Despite COVID-19 Thanks to BNI®
December 15, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 10, 2020 – Today, BNI® [Business Networking International], the oldest and largest business networking organization in the world, announced surprising and encouraging results from their Small Business Survey of their membership. In contrast to other market measures, more than 78% of BNI U.S. Members are confident their businesses will weather COVID for the 6-12 months it will take for the U.S. government to distribute and administer a vaccine to the population. BNI’s Small Business Survey Index

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John C. Maxwell to headline BNI’s 2020 Global Convention
September 24, 2020

Businesses seeking exceptional growth are encouraged to register early for this large-scale event
CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 24, 2020 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s leading referral networking organization, welcomes John C. Maxwell as keynote speaker during BNI’s 2020 Global Convention on Nov.12. Maxwell joins author of “Tribes” Seth Godin, and author of “Happy Money” Ken Honda. BNI has brought together world-class leaders to empower entrepreneurs around the world to grow in any business environment.

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BNI Announces Seth Godin as Keynote Speaker for its 2020 BNI Global Convention
September 01, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 1, 2020 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s leading referral networking organization, plans to welcome over 25,000 business leaders Nov. 11-14, 2020 for BNI’s 2020 Global Convention. This year, the Convention will be held online for the first time using world-class technology. For three days, BNI will provide 24-hour content streaming with live translations in 16 languages, bringing the event to the homes and offices of thousands around the world. Seth Godin will be one of several world-class keynote speakers making this the most anticipated business learning and development event of the year.

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BNI® Global Continues Innovation by Welcoming New Chief Product Officer
August 12, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 11, 2020 – BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s largest and most successful business networking organization, is pleased to announce that Mark Clauss, a growth-oriented senior product executive, has joined BNI’s Global Leadership Team as its first-ever Chief Product Officer (CPO). In this role, Clauss will lead significant research and innovation to help BNI Member-businesses continue growing in any business environment.

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BNI® Global Announces Partnership with JCI, Enhancing Support to Global Business Professionals & Economies
August 03, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 3, 2020 –BNI® (Business Network International) and JCI™ (Junior Chamber International) announced today a formalized partnership working together to support global business leaders in boosting local and global economies worldwide.

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BNI® Global Acquires SCION Social to Enhance Global Marketing Capabilities
July 08, 2020

BNI® (Business Network International) welcomed Scion Social (Scion) to the BNI family of companies on June 30, 2020. This acquisition represents a key step in BNI’s global marketing strategy to impact more business owners around the world.

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One Billion Reasons to Visit BNI Online®
April 15, 2020

BNI® (Business Network International) is celebrating its Members’ success in generating over $1 billion of new business in April alone.

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BNI Announces Addition to BNI Board of Directors
March 06, 2020

BNI® Global LLC announced that it has appointed Shelly Sun, CEO and Founder of BrightStar Franchising, LLC, to BNI’s Board of Directors effective February 10th, 2020.

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BNI 35th Anniversary
March 06, 2020

International Networking Leader-BNI® Celebrates 35 Years of Helping Businesses Grow Through Referral Marketing.

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