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Pride in BNI

By: Graham Weihmiller
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    Graham Weihmiller

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Last week, I was speaking with a group of CEOs – most of whom had never heard of BNI.  When I described what BNI does, they were amazed.  In an excited fashion, they asked all sorts of questions.  “Tell me what you do again? That’s amazing!”; “How can we get involved?”; “Wow, can I visit a chapter?” It reminded me of a simple fact:  you and I are so immersed in the details of BNI that we sometimes can forget how incredible and unique it really is.  Where else do we have an opportunity to combine our love of entrepreneurship with our desire to positively impact the lives of others?  Where else can we help foster job creation and economic development while creating great friendships with people across the world?

I’m so grateful to be involved with BNI.  And I’m so grateful to Dr. Misner who created it all.  I look at all of the pictures and videos being created every day within BNI – all showing happy people working together in a spirit of collaboration and fun, I think:  more than ever, this is what the world needs.  We can all be so proud of our work together – it is a meaningful and positive thing.  Of course our pride is a humble pride.  It is built upon the confidence that, by sticking to BNI’s Core Values and by working really hard, we as individuals – and as a community – really can change the world.  

I’m so proud of what we’re accomplishing together.  To be sure, to really accomplish our mission, we have mountains of work ahead of us.  But I look forward to climbing that mountain together with each and every one of you.  As we do every two years, we’re updating BNI’s Strategic Plan with input from across the organization.  And although it’s not quite complete, I can tell you that one important element in that plan will be to significantly raise awareness of BNI in the next few years.  When we tell BNI’s story to the world, we warmly invite others to participate in our community of friendship and purpose.  What better gift can we give to the world?

With Lots of BNI Pride,