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Let Gratitude Grow Your Business

By: Eden Creamer-Hurdle
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    Eden Creamer-Hurdle

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When was the last time you showed a coworker, employee, referral partner, or investor how grateful you were for their help? Has it been in the last week, month, or year?

Gratitude can have lasting positive effects on your success in business, and can help you step back and see the bigger picture to better facilitate growth. The gratitude you feel for the wonderful things in your life can help you seek out more successes, and help you feel more positive about what is ahead in life and in business.

As you show coworkers that you appreciate them, overall office atmosphere can improve as gratitude can help improve self-esteem and mood. Coworkers who show one another appreciation develop a bond that allows them to feel as if they have a support system, and someone to lean on when things get tough. Knowing you have this support can help increase productivity, because people may be more willing to take on tasks.

Show a coworker you appreciate them by leaving a heartfelt note on their desk thanking them for their recent help on a project. You could also buy them a cup of coffee to pep them up.

Showing your gratitude to those around you can also help strength relationships, key to building trust. Employees who feel appreciated tend to be more productive, as they realize their hard work is not unnoticed, and feel more inclined to continue striving for more. Additionally, appreciation can help improve overall retention by increasing employee morale. Building these relationships can help employees trust their supervisors more, and feel more inclined to be honest with them when driving key projects.

Show an employee how grateful you are to have them on the team by praising their work in a department or company-wide meeting. Kudos in front of others will help them raise the bar.

Referral partners and customers to whom you show gratitude are more likely to continue sharing business with you, as you build trust and credibility with them. When people feel like you appreciate having them in your corner, they are more likely to keep coming back.

Give a referral partner or customer a free gift (related to your business of course!) to show them how much you appreciate the business they bring to the table.

Showing those around you not only feels great, but can help the people in your life feel great, too. You may even find that having a positive attitude increases your productivity, your mental wellness and your business.

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