Scott Ingles | USA

We have a Givers Gain® mentality that helps each BNI Member. If you are willing to help and gain trust, eventually they will help you.

BNI is great for an Alphagraphics member, who doesn’t need something that Alphagraphics can provide?  I have been able to grow my business with the expertise that I can share weekly with all my BNI members. Striving to have a givers gain mentality I think that helps each member because if you are willing to help them and gain their trust eventually they will help you.   

For me especially as the Printers seat in my chapter it has been a huge benefit to be part of a BNI group! The amount of referrals that come to me because I have the printers seat is amazing. I can help everyone in the group with what they need. With the many businesses that are part of BNI, Alphagraphics can provide a very personal Business touch that is needed for each person in the BNI chapter to get noticed, to get business. It has been very rewarding for both of us for me to help each of the individuals in my chapter. Because of the trust that has been gained from that experience.

Scott Ingles

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