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May/June 2006

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From the Founder
Friendship & Membership
The paradox every member should know.

One of the strengths of BNI is that the members of a chapter become friends. One of the weaknesses of BNI is that the members of a chapter become friends.

Friends don't like to hold friends accountable. However, accountability is the key to any successful referral network; therein lies the paradox. BNI is not a friendship organization. It is a business referral organization. | Read this article

Breaking News
Misner's Moments
Networking Ideas to Build Your Business

Visit to purchase and download the latest networking insights from Dr. Ivan Misner.

These MP3 files can be easily downloaded to your computer, like any other file. Simply save the file to your hard drive by following the on-screen instructions. Once downloaded, just double-click on the file to listen to it on your computer. | Read this article

It's Your Time!

Do you know you have been put on this Earth for a greater purpose than you have been living up until now? BNI members will want to check out the new book which will be released on May 10 by Chris and Janet Attwood, "The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny." Janet and Chris have been BIG supporters of BNI. The organization was recently highlighted by them in an interview with Dr. Misner.

Ivan and Elisabeth Misner have reviewed part of the book, and have taken the Passion Test. They highly recommend it. The new book will come out on May 10th, and the authors have arranged for you to receive thousands of dollars in wonderful gifts from some of the world's top transformational speakers and NY Times best selling authors, such as Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Allen, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, T. Harv Eker and many others. | Read this article

Art of Networking
Developing a Successful Public & Community Relations Strategy for your BNI Region
7 tips to make the press work for you.

Like any other BNI endeavor, establishing sound relationships with your local press takes work and commitment. Your key contacts in the press need to first know you, then like you, and, ultimately, trust you.

How is that achieved? Following are 7 simple principles to help you make the most of your local press. | Read this article

To The Next Level
The Choice Is Yours
Why you must choose a leadership style to succeed.

This article is taken from the ground breaking book "Navigating the Growth Curve" by James Fischer, co-founder of Origin Institute.

"Navigating the Growth Curve is a tremendous read. It has fresh ideas and practical solutions that any business leader could use in growing their company. I highly recommend the book." Ivan Misner

After 23 years of research with over 700 CEOs and their companies, I discovered a simple fact. That is, there is one recurring choice, like no other, that alters the face of a business forever.

Very few people are aware that this choice exists and even fewer make it consciously. Yet, the course of a leader's business is inextricably set to reap the rewards and/or challenges based on making this one choice. | Read this article

BNI in the News

Why Technology Is Rewarding Close Personal Relationships

Most professionals today wouldn't dispute the fact that it's better to do business with people who trust them. The best way to build that trust is referral business. What today's mass advertising attempts to do on a large scale can be done on a much smaller scale—with big returns. This according to a networking expert who says he's seen time and technology change—but not people.

View the article
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Misner's Moments
Networking Ideas to Build Your Business:
5 Ways to Break into Online Networking

Ivan Misner shares his best tips for promoting your business online with this hot new arena for word-of-mouth marketing.

Price: $4.95 To purchase this item, click here.

Misner's Moments
Networking Ideas to Build Your Business:
Invest in your Social Capital

It pays to take advantage of knowledge and relationships when building your business—and your bottom line.

Price: $4.95 To purchase this item, click here.

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