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Strategic Alliances

What does it mean to have a Strategic Alliance with BNI?

Companies that have formed a Strategic Alliance with BNI are in alignment with, and support, our mission. We establish a plan to proactively provide one another with information, support and referrals. Ultimately, we are committed to helping each other accomplish specific goals through effective cross promotion within our respective organizations.






Partner Level



Brian Tracy's Business Growth Strategies
Brian Tracy's Business Growth Strategies
Learn how to increase your sales, pump up your profitability, and immediately maximize your effectiveness in business and life!
Business Growth Strategies, powered by Brian Tracy International (BGS), is a membership-based learning program for anyone looking to improve their business and/or personal life. You can explore up to 250 riveting video lessons in Business Success, Sales Management, Leadership, and Personal Success.
Brian Tracy (www.BrianTracy.com)  built Business Growth Strategies incorporating his 30 years of research, knowledge, and experience in personal development and building and consulting with businesses worldwide...
...and now you can have access to him and his expertise starting at only $1!
For more information about Brian Tracy's Business Growth Strategies, please visit their website at: www.bizgrowthstrategies.com and get started today!

del Fuego Companies

Flynn Nogueira and Sara Minnis founded del Fuego Companies to support entrepreneurs everywhere in creating lives that matter, lives that work and businesses that succeed. Their skill sets, for entrepreneurs and the corporate marketplace (we work there as well), focus on "connection" - how to connect with prospects, customers, referral partners, colleagues - with meaningful conversations - whether it's setting a meeting for the first time, knowing what to say in your first meeting with a prospect or customer, overcoming objections, closing, renewing and more. The skills we teach are supported by audio CDs (Car Coach CDsTM) because, "The ear is superior to the eye!" Studies show that when you present information to the ear versus the eye, people remember more and learning increases significantly.

Our work, with BNI as a strategic partner, focuses on supporting BNI members with the learning tools to be successful in life and in business - as individuals and as BNI Chapters. We are the developers of the Fast Track program, BNI's only approved chapter development program. Fast Track is giving BNI Chapters all over the world new ways to increase their referrals, the quality of their referrals, booked business, and visitors. Fast Track breathes new life into the chapter, as members are coached by the best networking coach on the planet, Dr. Ivan Misner. Fast Track is in its 5th year and continues to have consistent success with chapters who follow the 5-6 month process. Chapters often go through this program on an annual basis once they go through it once. Perhaps the best explanation of Fast Track came from a member who said it is "the greatest system for learning how to use the BNI processes and develop your business team, also known as your BNI Chapter!"

We love helping BNI members make more money!

For more information, visit Fast Track on the web at bni.delfuego.com, or reach out to us directly at Flynn@delfuego.com or Sara@delfuego.com. We look forward to hearing from you!  


Referral Institute
The Referral Institute teaches business professionals throughout the world how to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to drive sales for fast, sustainable business growth. At present, the organization has over 100 certified trainers operating in nine countries, and the numbers are rapidly growing.
Referal-based, word-of-mouth is the ultimate sales program. Those who train in it are Master Salespeople. There is no exception to this rule. Other marketing tools like traditional advertising, public relations and websites are certainly of value, particularly if they reinforce the word-of-mouth process. The experienced sales professional recognizes the word-of-mouth is head and shoulders above all other sales and marketing methods.
Please browse our site to learn a little more about word-of-mouth marketing as well as effective referral systems available through the Referral Institute. Beyond that, we would love to talk with you (word-of-mouth or email) about growing your business the effective way, by generating qualified referrals.

For more information about the Referral Institute, please visit their website at: www.ReferralInstitute.com

Associate Level
These are companies that promote BNI and are interested in chapter placement opportunities 

Action Coach
Action Coach

ActionCOACH, the World’s #1 Business Coaching Firm, has entered into a Strategic Alliance with BNI. The ActionCOACH Coaching programs are designed to help business owners and executives of small to medium sized companies set and reach goals. More and more, businesses of all sizes see coaching as essential to getting better results.

ActionCOACH CEO Brad Sugars said. The image of the Business Coach as a new-age accessory just for high-powered CEOs may be at an end as more small-and medium-sized businesses embrace coaching as an essential business tool. As a result, the Business Coaching industry is growing rapidly. A recent joint study by the American Management Association and the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that 52% of US businesses had a Business Coach while another 37% planned to implement coaching programs in the near future.

With over 1100 offices in over 26 countries, there’s probably an ActionCOACH near you. Talk to the ActionCOACH in your chapter.

For more information about ActionCOACH, please visit their website at: www.ActionCOACH.com  

Coffee News

BNI and Coffee News have recently agreed to formalize their long-standing referral relationship.  Coffee News is a franchise organization whose franchisees have been very active in the BNI organization for many years.

Coffee News provides a light and entertaining paper that patrons pick up on their way in to their favorite restaurant.  It provides a few minutes of light reading while the order is taken and the meal is prepared.  Since most patrons can read Coffee News in about eight minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads as well.  BNI strongly recommends the Coffee News program.

For more information about Coffee News, please visit their website at: www.CoffeeNewsUSA.com


FranNet proudly supports the efforts of BNI on a national level, providing local BNI memberships valuable and educational information about the franchise industry and business opportunities therein. FranNet has helped open more than 10,000 franchised businesses since its start in 1987, creating at least 100,000 jobs along the way, according to industry statistics.

Just as people are diverse, the franchising sector is diverse. This is not a "one size fits all" proposition. FranNet consultants understand this better than any other consultants in the industry, just as BNI is the leader in business networking.

FranNet consultants work individually with clients who are interested in purchasing a franchised business. Consultants use specific profiling and consultative process to determine a business model unique to each person. This model suggests specific franchises that fit best with each person's goals, skill sets and interests, both personally and professionally.

Research is the key to any sound decision. So, the research suggestions and techniques - as well as referrals to other industry professionals - round out the services that FranNet consistently provides to each client. We are with you every step of the way to business ownership.

For more information about FranNet, please visit their website at: http://www.frannet.com/



BNI and Press-A-Print have formed a formal relationship that unites the international community of Press-A-Print's small business owners with the network of BNI Chapters.  Press-A-Print owners provide essential marketing and specialty advertising services that benefit all businesses.  If you're looking to be your own boss, work from home, and take back control of your life, welcome to Press-A-Print... where we put people in business.  Learn to run your own profitable, home based business, in the always-growing advertising specialty printing industry. With our intensive training, you’ll become skilled at printing any image on any product, managing your own business, and successfully marketing your services.  We’re not a franchise or multi-level marketing program; we’re a solid business opportunity that comes with professional training and lifetime support. To make an executive level income, all you need is a strong work ethic, and we’ll supply the rest.  

For more information about Press-A-Print, please visit their website at: www.PressAPrint.com



BNI and SendOutCards are pleased to announce their new Strategic Alliance relationship.  SendOutCards is a concept and service that is changing people's lives.  You can send a printed greeting card with your message in less than 60 seconds.  Choose your card, write your message, click send -- that's it!   SendOutCards prints it, stuffs it and mails it -- all for less than the price of a greeting card at the store! You can even add a digital picture, gift cards or a check.  This can also be used for sales campaigns and customer contacts and appreciation.  SendOutCards is about changing people's lives one card at a time.  It is about acting on one's promptings to share appreciation.  It's all about "Givers Gain(R)."  It's about sending a card to celebrate the person receiving it -- not to promote the person sending it. 

For more information about Send Out Cards, please visit their website at: www.SendOutCards.com

Signs By Tomorrow

Sugns By Tomorrow

Signs By Tomorrow is one of the founders in the professional sign and graphics industry. They have roughly 180 franchised locations in the continental United States and 20+ years of experience. Signs By Tomorrow has serviced a wide variety of companies ranging from local establishments to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. 

Their product line and list of client services includes full-color digitally printed graphics for indoor and outdoor advertising purposes as well as design and visual communication consultation. Signs By Tomorrow provides guidance and creative solutions for clients from every industry and is an excellent source for leads and referrals. 

For more information about Signs By Tomorrow, please visit their website at: www.SignsByTomorrow.com


Affiliate Level

These are companies that support BNI and are interested in cross-promotion opportunites.


Buffini & Company

Buffini & Company offers personalized business growth solutions for the real estate and service industry professional.  Thanks to a unique and highly effective lead-generation system, and a comprehensive coaching and training program (ClubNet Coaching), hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across the nation have learned how to improve their business, increase net profit and enhance the quality of their life.

Founded in 1995 by Brian Buffini, it now has over 270 Coaches and support staff serving 12,000 clients from its San Diego campus.   Buffini & Company is the number one training and coaching company operating in America today. 

For more information about Buffini & Company, please visit their website at:  www.BuffiniAndCompany.com

Duct Tape Marketing

Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals... Put Duct Tape Marketing to work for your business.

Duct Tape Marketing® is the first small business marketing program that treats marketing as an integrated system. At the core of the system is a series of steps and strategies, in various stages, that any business, regardless of size, can use to finally produce stunning returns from a consistent marketing effort. That's why Duct Tape Marketing has been called the World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing.

Simply follow our simple small business marketing systems, strategies and ideas.

That's right, small business marketing is a system...not an event. Most business owners fall prey to the "marketing idea of the week" and never seem to produce any significant marketing results with this chaotic approach to the most important facet of their business.

  • You can attract all the clients your small business can handle
  • Work only with clients who value what you have to offer
  • Significantly increase what you charge for your services

The Duct Tape Marketing System was created by John Jantsch - marketing coach, award winning social media publisher and author of two best selling books, Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine. 

For more information about Duct Tape Marketing, please visit their website at: http://www.DuctTapeMarketing.com


High Achievers

High Achievers is a global community of people embracing a lifestyle of achievement. For over a decade now we have been a leader in personal and professional development. Our past faculty includes Jack Canfield, Dr. Ivan Misner, Doug Grady, Dr. Denis Waitley and Glenna Salsbury, just to name a few. Our networks, events, trainings, challenges, and memberships put you on the path to reach your highest potential. 

~ We believe in the power of mentors, coaches, networks, and training
~ We believe in professional growth through personal growth
~ We believe in the power of the human spirit

Join us, and embrace a lifestyle of high achievement.

For more information about High Achievers, please visit their website at: www.HighAchievers.com 


Jim Blasingame

The Small Business Advocate Radio Show is a leading-edge online resource featuring a LIVE weekday Radio/Internet talk show, a daily REPLAY option, and hundreds of searchable audio ARCHIVES and print ARTICLES including many with BNI Founder and Chairman, Dr. Ivan Misner.

Founder and host, Jim Blasingame, a HUGE BNI supporter, has created a community where hundreds of small business experts share valuable information, real world perspectives, and tips on how to be more successful in your small business.  You can listen, read, ask a question, find links, subscribe to a free newsletter, and much more.  It's all free, interactive, and "dedicated to small business." 

To learn more about Jim Blasingame, please visit their website at: www.SmallBusinessAdvocate.com


Morris Audio Consulting, LLC

You have something to say, and at Morris Audio Consulting, LLC, we know that it is important for others to hear it. Don't let A/V unknowns prevent you from making a positive, lasting impression on your audience. We can handle the technical aspects of your event while you focus on your guests.

With over 20 years of event production experience, Morris Audio has teamed up with BNI, to bring you some of the most qualified personnel in the industry while incorporating the latest technology with an unwavering commitment to customer service. We provide technicians, audio and video equipment, and both audio and video conference recording and duplication for events, conferences, or concerts. Morris Audio will provide guidance to ensure a top notch performance every time.

Leave a lasting impact and get your message across. Allow the experts at Morris Audio Consulting, LLC to come in, giving you chance to relax a little and enjoy your event.

For more information about Morris Audio Consulting, LLC, please visit their website at: www.MorrisAudioConsulting.com or call them at: 804-921-1333



Nspired Networking Enterprises, LLC

Nspired Networking Enterprises, LLC formed in 2008 from an introduction at the BNI National Directors' Conference. Co-founders and BNI Directors Amy Kilpatrick and David Crumbaugh educate the business professional on networking using innovative techniques to Nspire the way you grow your business. Nspired's interactive, high-energy keynote speeches, corporate trainings, and workshops give participants simple tools to push their networking activities to the next level.

Nspired Networking partners with BNI Executive Directors when doing speaking engagements and workshops to introduce new members to the BNI family and give existing members simple tools to increase their referrals. Amy and David recommend BNI to corporate training classes as the place to practice their networking skills on a regular basis. Nspired also offers a weekly networking telebridge to BNI members giving members more training, leading to increased number of members, renewals, and referrals.
Learn how to "Nspire Others" about networking.

For more information about Nspired Networking, please visit their website at: www.NSpiredNetworking.com



Productive Learning & Leisure LLC

Founded in 1992 Productive Learning & Leisure (PL&L) offers clients over 45 personal growth courses where they discover how their thinking affects their success and happiness in both their personal and business lives. In addition PL&L helps BNI members keep their brand "top of mind" with QuoteActions and increase their referrals through PL&L's LinkedIn Referral Success video series. 

QuoteActions is an innovative email marketing system. It's an ideal way to give something of value to customers and prospects. As a "permission-based" system, QuoteActions is designed for small business owners who do not have the time, staff or money to create content and reguarly stay in touch with their contacts. With QuoteActions your name and company are on their radar. When the timing is right, they think of you, refer you and buy from you. The LinkedIn Referral Success series of five short "how to" videos help members use the powerful search features of LinkedIn to increase the number of referrals they give and receive. 

PL&L also supports BNI members with quality courses like The Mind In Business.  

For more information about Productive Learning & Leisure LLC, please visit their websites at: www.QuoteActions.com, www.LinkedInForDummies.net and www.ProductiveLearning.com.


Remember the Ice

Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts is a comprehensive program that teaches you to enhance your communication skills with clients, family members, friends, co-workers -- anyone who is important to you. It helps you stay focused on your task and accomplish more goals because you are conveying your message, and articulating your thoughts in a clear, precise manner. You eliminate confusion and gain confidence in your message and ultimately attract more of what you want.

Remember the Ice helps BNI members grow their businesses and chapters by getting them to articulate their messages more effectively. Ultimately they attract more of what they want for their chapter -- growth and more referrals.

BNI has been involved with Remember the Ice since its conception and Dr. Misner's endorsement sums it up: "Communication is of the utmost importance in business, networking, and life in general and Bob Nicoll's Remember the Ice program demonstrates how powerful results can be achieved in all areas, simply by focusing on word choice. I highly recommend it to everyone."

For more information about Remember the Ice, please visit their website at: www.RememberTheIce.com


White Digital Media

White Digital Media is a dynamic media company offering a diverse portfolio of business magazines and websites covering global issues across a variety of industries and territories. Our products cover sectors ranging from healthcare and retail to manufacturing and energy. Each publication contains helpful and informative news and features for Executives looking to improve operations, finances, technologies and more. White Digital Media is proud to be partnered with BNI to offer its members the latest industry and business news enabling them to make better decisions.

For more information about White Digital Media, please visit their website at: www.WhiteDM.com


Business Review USA is a pioneering digital media site for business professionals and Executives across the country. Business Review USA covers solutions that enable global businesses to improve the way they manage their operations, technology, finances and management. Through its digital magazine, online website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter. Business Review USA helps Executives stay up-to-date with the most important issues in the demanding and ever more competitive U.S. business scene.

For more information about Business Review USA, please visit their website at: www.BusinessReviewUSA.com

Exec Digital is a digital magazine and website for C-level professionals, featuring all aspects of the Executive lifestyle. Exec Digital caters to the Executive lifestyle through coverage of the latest cars, sports, celebrity Executives, choice holiday destinations, gadgets, and more. Through its various forms of media, Exec Digital helps Executives stay up-to-date with the most current lifestyle concerns.

For more information about Exec Digital, please visit their website at: www.ExecDigital.com