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Friday, March 15, 2013

BNI Leadership Teams--New Video!

Are you aware that BNI devotes over 170,000 person hours per year to Leadership Team trainings? 

Watch the video below to learn why the more you immerse and engage in a culture of learning via trainings like these and the other educational resources available through BNI, the more successful your BNI chapter will be.

Also, remember to take advantage of the educational content available to you free of charge, 24/7 on the following websites:

1. BNIPodcast.com has over 300 podcasts available to you!

2. BNISuccessNet.com is our monthly online, international newsletter.  We recommend the three articles listed below as an excellent starting point.

- March 2013: "How to Access The Value of Your Membership"

- September 2012:  "More Referrals, Quicker Sales and Amazing ROI in BNI"

- July 2012: Why BNI?

Please feel free to comment on this video, as well as on the podcasts and articles.  Dr. Misner personally reads and responds to each question/comment he receives!

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