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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BNI Slovenia National Conference Featured on National TV

Submitted by Jernej Pirc, BNI Slovenia National Director

2013 is off to a highly successful start for BNI Slovenia whose National Conference this year drew over 300 participants and has been featured on national television. 


The theme of the conference was: “We had recessions in the past, we are in a recession now, and for sure there will be recessions in the future, but BNI members don’t just sit and wait for better times or for others to help them. BNI members actively help each other to overcome the difficult times."

It was a day full of positive energy, motivation and positive hopes for the future. National TV even featured a news story about the BNI Slovenia National Conference--Click Here or visit (http://bit.ly/WcLN2b) to watch the news clip now.

Congratulations to BNI Slovenia!



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