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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Visit the Hurricane Sandy BNI Foundation Response Page on Facebook to Help BNI Members in Need

On October 30th, the BNI Foundation opened a relief fund to directly aid the Red Cross in response to the immediate need for relief in the northeastern United States due to the devastation caused by the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

After learning last week about the many BNI members in that region who have been affected by this disaster and are in dire need of assistance, the Foundation is chartering further initiatives to directly aid BNI members in need and you can visit the Hurricane Sandy BNI Foundation Response Page on Facebook to find out how you can help.


Below is an e-mail BNI's Founder Ivan Misner sent out to BNI Directors on Monday, November 12th explaining the how the disaster has affected many BNI members in the northeastern United States and what the Foundation is planning to do to help these members.

"The BNI International Directors' Conference has concluded and most of us are back at work in our BNI businesses now.  We had a chance while in Long Beach to speak with five of the BNI Directors who have been hit by Hurricane Sandy and have members who have suffered extreme losses.  In some cases, members' businesses and homes have been destroyed and they have been living with other people or are being sheltered by the Red Cross.  In yet other cases, there has been some storm damage, but things continue as usual.

In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster of this magnitude, the BNI Foundation normally opens a relief fund, which we did immediately, even before the storm had its full impact on the area.  Members are being directed to www.BNIFoundation.org to donate to the relief effort being carried out by the Red Cross.

In addition, we have been contacted by members from all around the world asking if there are other needs in the regions, such as clothing, blankets, office supplies, etc.  After talking with the BNI Executive Directors on the ground in that area, we have agreed that starting a Visa gift card initiative will be most helpful for those who have been affected.  The local BNI Executive director will know which members have the greatest need and will be able to facilitate getting the support to the members immediately.

To this end, we have set up a Facebook page for BNI Hurricane Sandy Relief and are also assessiing which regions will be participating in the Visa gift card initiative . . .

It is so gratifying to hear the number of requests and inquiries coming in pertaining to how it is possible to help the BNI members who are in great need in the wake of this disaster.  This willingness by BNI Directors and members around the world is really a strong testament to the power of our local business, global network®."

Ivan Misner, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman, BNI

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