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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BNI Launches in Vietnam!

With the launching of the BNI CEO chapter in Ho Chi Minh City early last month, Vietnam became a welcome addition to the BNI organization!

With 128 participants and press and local dignitaries present, Michael Ho, local National Director for BNI Vietnam, conducted the high energy launch meeting on August 3rd. The meeting ran flawlessly and more than 50 membership applications were submitted.
Said Michael:
“Initially I was not sure what sort of response BNI would receive in Vietnam but I just followed the system how I was trained to. When the business community saw how effective BNI is for bringing in business and how valuable the business relationships among members are, more and more people wanted to join. I am now totally confident that BNI will help the Vietnamese economy and I am committed to sharing the BNI system throughout Vietnam.”
BNI Vietnam launched its second chapter, the BNI Pioneer chapter, a mere day later on August 4th in the capital city of Hanoi. Weeks of hard work finally paid off when 128 visitors showed up to participate in the launch along with the chapter’s 23 core group members.
Congratulations to BNI Vietnam on successfully launching the BNI CEO and BNI Pioneer chapters--welcome to the BNI family!!
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