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A New Milestone (9,000 Reasons to Celebrate)

By: Graham Weihmiller
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    Graham Weihmiller

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Every time a new BNI Chapter launches, serendipity begins anew. In fact, BNI is sometimes called a “serendipity machine”. A start-up will get their first client. An older business will enter a new market. A Member will learn how to confidently present to prospective clients. Meaningful relationships will be formed – many that will last a lifetime. And as BNI Members succeed, they give back to their communities, providing education and healthcare for those in need. And this is just the beginning ...

Good things happen when people come together in a structured, purpose-driven environment. When you help launch a new BNI Chapter, you sow the seeds of serendipity. So as we cross this very meaningful milestone, we salute you – the BNI Members & BNI Leaders around the world who are launching new BNI Chapters in increasing numbers. You are creating serendipity today, and a stream of serendipity for decades to come. And that is a beautiful and meaningful thing. Congratulations on reaching 9,000 Chapters!